We Did It!!!
Hey First name / you,
It’s only been a few days since finishing the Pantone challenge, and I'm already feeling major withdrawals. To wrap it all up, I’ve taken some time to gather my thoughts and share them as notes of encouragement to you today. Grab a coffee and sit tight, I hope you find some inspiration in the next 5 minutes :)
Fave moments from the challenge
Forming Creative Habits
A big reason I decided to start this art challenge was because I wanted to practice consistency. At the start, I didn't know where art fit in my daily routine — I'd only paint once or twice a week whenever I felt like it, and many days I didn't feel like making art at all. 
Over the course of the challenge, I learned to make art a practice of habit, a part of my lifestyle. I started noticing that I create best in the morning, that it takes me around 3 hours from start to finish, and these were all things that I eventually took into building routine into my daily art practice.
For you, this doesn’t mean having to carve out hours out of your already busy day. Instead, focus on making creativity into a habit, not a task. How would your day look different if you spent 30 min in the morning sketching? Or learned a new craft while having your evening television on?
Joyful Moments
Looking back on the challenge, I felt many moments of frustration… when a painting wasn’t going my way, working and reworking at the same thing for hours. Still I find that the joyful moments outnumber the frustrating moments by far!
I loved getting to use colours out of my comfort zone, the feeling of exploring new ideas made me feel so excited about making art again! I also became so much more inspired by mundane things — blooming flowers, changing seasons, brighter skies, the little things.
The BIGGEST congrats to everyone for pushing through to the end, and you for being here all this time 💗 I’m thankful for the lessons this challenge has shown me and look forward to bigger, more exciting projects to come!!
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