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Dear friend,
We have had so many sweet events this month! From our photoshoot with The Scout Guide (!) to many beautiful weddings to a “Queens' Tea”, our hearts are full.
Thank you for all of your support, and for following along on this journey. Look through the newsletter for some things that are making our heart sing (and we hope will do the same for you!), and some very special upcoming events.
springtime tea
There is nothing sweeter than watching little girls get dressed up for a tea party. We hosted our first annual “Queens' Tea” at our shop this past week to celebrate girlhood.
We are passionate about any opportunity to pour into the next generation, and a springtime tea seemed like the perfect opportunity to do this. Thanks to all who came!
greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. he is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.

somewhere in between, 
in all the mess, the light remains.
image by Casia of Fletcher & Co.
Picture a moment or season in life that played out completely opposite of what you thought. Maybe too many scenarios at once? I get it. Sifting through all those pieces and layers truly takes a lifetime. As a creative, I've crafted incredible narratives of what “could have been” simply due to my own evidence. As a first generation American, raised by women and a few men available in my world, life itself was often misunderstood or unpredictable. Often times, simply out of control.  How could I not come up with unreal present or future scenarios?  The feeling was too real, but I just could not stay there.  There was one guarantee I was sure of: change. And I wanted to step out of the cage with the open door. I mean, this process makes your insides feel naked. Oh, but the feeling of pure freedom and joy! Just like my two-year-old as he runs belly laughing out of the tub, and jets full force down the hall; that's what I'm after! If you hear me on this, know that I-SEE-YOU. A courageous woman challenged me in one of my excruciating moments, as I unexpectedly housed my lifeless baby, my only girl.  With a heart full of fear, doubt, pain and discomfort, I chose to walk in the dark. All with the mustard seed desire to somehow let her be that “light of mine”.  Just as darkness is measured by the light present, I wanted her to shine bright even though she never got to see the sun.  I truly believe the most difficult moments we journey are powerful materials to build our most transforming platforms.  An opportunity to shed inner layers, grow, heal and illuminate. Our gift in the crisis. If you share a similar story in motherhood, or in any “hood”, will you join me in the rewritten?  May you know that somewhere in between, in all the mess, the light remains.
-Kimberly Neal


upcoming events:
Mothers' Day Build-Your-Own-Hat Bar with House of Hatters.
MAY 7th from 10:30-5. The perfect opportunity to make a memory with your mom (or mother figure) for this Mothers' Day!
Text 520.841.0405 to make your appointment! Walk-ins are welcomed, but appointments are highly recommended.
MOTHERS' DAY FLORAL ORDER DEADLINE is Wednesday May 10th. Make sure to place your order before then on our website or give our shop a call at 520.651.7404.
Introducing our “light of mine” gift box: A sweet partnership with Ben's Bells (a bell to hang) to share kindness, and The Love Everyday Foundation (a succulent to plant) to grow in love, paired with our light of mine candle ready to illuminate. Launching May 10th.
Join us for our first annual “Mother's Day Brunch - A Rewritten Story” email us below to register by May 8th (space is limited). Cost is $45 and includes brunch and a gift.
Location: 440 & co.
Time: 10-12
May you have the courage to “rewrite” your story.
Until next month (or the next time we see you in-shop),