Happy easter!   
Spring Hours:
M-W & F: 9:30-5:30
Thurs: 9:30-8pm
Sat: 9:30-5 
Sun: Closed
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Hey ya'll!
You know spring is just around the corner when we get such windy days! I hope everyone was safe yesterday. I was thankful I could walk around the greenhouses and feel like I was outside looking at flowers without the onslaught of wind beating everything to pieces.
We are coming into my favorite time of year! Everyone has been hard at work in the greenhouses and they are about to be the fullest and prettiest over the next couple of weeks. 
Come walk the greenhouses with us!
Aaryn Cathey
We are official!
We are official with the City of Amarillo- Environmental Health! We are really enjoying our Thursday nights 5-8 where The Patio Stop Beer Garden stays open late and has live music, food trucks, and late night shopping for you!

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Soil Mender
Soil Mix Top Dress
Now $7.99 per bag
Great for building up
flower beds and gardens!
Cotton Burr Compost
Reg. $9.99 each
3 for $25
See you soon!
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We collect and reuse Rain Water!
2012: 108,665 gallons
2013: 108,696 gallons
2014: 123,193 gallons
2015: 181,051 gallons
2016: 123,879 gallons
2017: 141,951 gallons´╗┐
2018: 106,330 gallons
2019: 139,057 gallons
2020: 85,762 gallons
2021: 69,888 gallons
2022: 74,315 gallons