feel like quitting ???

5 Tips for when you want to quit!
You need a plan for FAILURE!

Email #24
Have you ever started something that feels really good or is really good for you - with really good intentions? Then life hits you and that new “something” seems to get put on the back burner.
We all want to quit at some point. NO ONE has a success story that is a straight line - no one.
Just know it will happen and have a plan to KEEP GOING AND a plan to get started again when you stop.
Yup, you heard that right! You need a PLAN for failure!
The key is to be prepared so you know what to do. Life is not black and white - it’s all about the gray. We all need room in our life to have more freedom, have more fun, and have days where we don’t have to do anything! Am I right?   
In Podcast #8, we have 5 strategies for you to tap into that will help you break through that wall you hit when life hits you. 
My biggest take away was that judgment can keep us from being able to discern a lesson! If we are busy beating ourselves up, we can't figure out what we need to learn.
I never thought about it that way. Judgment robs us from doing better next time.
Seriously, you are going to love this!


Together in occasional “failure”,
the wellness place

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