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“Fatigue high. Morale low. Discouraged. Full of doubt.”
In mid-2020, I stared at these words — written on a yellow sticky note stuck above my desk at work — before dialing my sister.
I was in the thick of learning a difficult life lesson: knowing when to grit and when to quit.
When I ended the call, I knew that I had to quit my job. 
I knew myself as a high-achieving, resilient woman dedicated to her career.  
Yet, between the pandemic and multiple work crises, I hardly recognized my burnt out self. (The only thing I seemed to enjoy about my job at this point were the doughnuts I ate on the way to work — which usually made me late.)
I wasn't alone in experiencing this energetic shift. At the end of 2021, one in three women considered leaving the workforce due to burnout. 
Within a year of that phone call, I handed in my resignation and went full-time in my professional training and coaching business.
Over the past 18 months since, I've (slowly) worked my way out of burnout and I've built a new career and business that I thrive in. 
I wouldn't be where I am today without the resilience lessons life taught me along the way. I want to share them with you, too.
I've taken everything I've learned and put it in my newest speaking program: The Resilience Battery
This new keynote or webinar will help you stay energized, manage stress, prevent overwhelm and avoid burnout in work, life and leadership
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In this keynote or webinar, I discuss:
  • Why your resilience is like a battery: grittiness is more about overall wellness than overall willpower.
  • The zones of resilience: how to identify each zone and strategies for care.
  • Staying grounded: how connecting to your own vision, values and inner voice keeps life's pace manageable.
  • Staying gritty: how to limit, grit and quit your way to passion, perseverance and personal power.
  • Staying growth-oriented: how adopting a learning mindset with an infinite scope makes your world harder to shake.
Bring this new educational session to your next team webinar or conference keynote. 
To learn more and book, reply to me or schedule your free discovery call below!
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Rooting for you, always. 
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