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It's finally spring;
Let's get organized [and clean] together!
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The weather is finally be breaking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This past weekend, we held our annual egg hunt outside - a beautiful sign of warmer days to come. For those in the Midwest, it is a relief to have nearly six months of cold weather coming to an end.
Spring cleaning
Spring means warmer weather, more sunshine, and longer days! It also means we open the windows, clean neglected areas inside (and outside) our homes, and declutter. Fortunately, the sunlight helps our bodies produce more Vitamin D, providing more energy to do the job. To support your efforts, I want to share a few of my favorite cleaning products: 
1) One part baking soda and two parts white vinegar are my go-to solution, from oven grease to stubborn grime on sinks. The foaming mixture does wonders! Vinegar alone is excellent for tackling showerhead buildup; watch a video I created for The Spruce.
2) I've been using this Puracy concentrate (an older version) for over a year and am convinced. Plant-based, this cleaner provides impressive and effective results without overpowering odors. 
3) During the colder months, our kids are indoors more, smashing toys against the baseboards. I live by the Mr. Clean MagicEraser, and I've even used it to remove a Sharpie marker for a client. Wetting it before use makes it especially effective.
As an aside, our family started using a monthly cleaning service in November. It's one of my best decisions in caring for our home.
Do you have any spring-cleaning favorites? Let's discuss—reply to this message or head to Instagram @theetailoredlife.

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