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April 2023
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Dear SML Community,
Honestly, I just did not ‘get’ the materials being hurled into the back row of the giant lecture hall during my first year in college. Why was I memorizing the Krebs cycle, when I really loved wildlife ecology? But there I was, in Introduction to Biology - a year-long overview of the entire field - required for all declared Biology Majors. I felt overwhelmed by this big class as well as these topics that didn’t really excite me. I began to question if I could see myself as a scientist and eventually ended up in my advisor’s office in a puddle of frustrated tears. Why was I struggling in my favorite subject in school since junior high?
Dr. McKenzie, my advisor, was an amazing field scientist whom I followed happily through the Oregon forests learning about plants and talking about ecology. He was living my dream job, but I could not imagine getting to where he was when I was being derailed by Intro Bio. He was there for me when I needed guidance and wisdom. He gave me his time, his long- view perspective, humor-filled cheerleading, and a plan for surviving Intro Bio that incorporated heaps of field time with him and a small group of ecology-loving students. With his help, I started to see myself as a scientist and kindled a passion for learning about our natural world that has sustained me for decades. And…here I sit, a PhD ecologist, running a field station…. Great teachers have long-lasting positive impacts on our lives. The poet W.B. Yeats said that “education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.” 
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Ric Martini (left) and J.B. Heiser (right)
Shoals has so many fire-lighting teachers! Every summer, I witness the positive impact of great teaching on our students. Last year, the SML community lost a legendary “life-changing” teacher and former director (1979-94), J.B. Heiser, who passed away on Earth Day. As we reflect on this one-year anniversary of his passing, we are excited to announce a memorial scholarship named in his memory, and which honors his legacy – The J.B. Heiser Marine Vertebrates Fund.  
Ric Martini, former SML faculty as well as dear friend and colleague of J.B., has generously established this endowment to provide support for Cornell undergraduate students, for courses and research at SML focused on marine vertebrates. This will open doors for many Cornell student scientists and provide them with opportunities that J.B. was passionate about. Currently, 85% of Cornell students who attend classes at SML receive scholarships - there is more demand than we can meet. We are grateful for this opportunity to alleviate demand by providing students with additional funds to attend our programs. It’s an incredible gift where the money is invested, and scholarships are awarded from the income earned. This allows the original gift to benefit generations of SML students.
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Ric Martini (left) and J.B. Heiser (right)                              
If you are interested in donating to this fund, you can do so through SML’s giving page via Cornell and designate your gift to the JB Heiser Marine Vertebrates Fund in the special instructions box.                                            
Jennifer Seavey
Executive Director
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Isle of Shoals Birding - Join NH Audubon staff on a journey to Appledore Island for a three-day or four-day birding adventure! Over 200 species of songbirds, seabirds, and waterfowl occur on Appledore as migrants, making it a perfect spot to observe fall movements.
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