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Hi friends, 
I'm back with our second 2023 Founder Spotlight. I'm hopeful these inspire you. Especially if you're a creative freelancer with dreams of starting your studio or agency one day (or if you've recently been laid off and wondering if you've got what it takes). These founders were once in your shoes. Let them be proof your dreams can be a reality.
Today, I'm thrilled to throw a spotlight on a past client and current friend, Sara Spiegel, Founder of w/Sara PR. 
We worked together last year and accomplished a lot. We identified a profitable payroll strategy, increased profits by 2.5X, and boosted her confidence to take risks & make the challenging decisions founders need to make. Sara is badass. She’s upfront and authentic. She is also recently engaged and planning her wedding.
Founder Spotlight Series
Sara Spiegel
Sara Spiegel is the founder of w/Sara PR. With over 10 years experience in the PR world, Sara brings a lot to the table. She is based in Brooklyn, and that’s no surprise. She’s full of NY energy. Strong, passionate, and full of grit.
w/Sara PR has worked with clients like Loftie, Bomba Curls, Cove, MOODEAUX, and Silver and Riley. Their clients have been featured in publications like Forbes, Elle, Well and Good, WIRED, and more. 
As you’ll find out in our interview, she gets inspiration from travel, chatting with strangers, and new experiences. She makes it a priority to have a trip on the books to look forward to each quarter. I may need to take a page out of her book. 
Founder of Le Chéile

Q&A with 
Sara Spiegel, Founder of w/Sara PR
What does w/Sara PR do in 1-2 sentences?
w/Sara PR is a boutique brand building PR agency. We launch start-ups into the market and take established brands to the next level. 
Why did you start w/Sara PR?
I founded my company to be an option for soon to launch or newish companies that understand the value of PR but couldn’t justify a $10K+ monthly retainer from the start. And we’ve maintained that ethos going on 9 years now!
What type of clients do you serve?
Our sweet spot is consumer products and executive level representation. Most companies we work with are in the early stages and looking to build brand identity, reach new customers and establish industry cred.
What makes a client choose to work with you? What secret sauce do you bring to the table?
We are fantastic story tellers and we put in the time with our clients to learn their ‘why’. Consumers have so many options these days, it’s not enough to have a good product. People need to feel a connection to a brand + satisfaction with the product to keep them coming back. 
We work really closely with our clients to find those unique stories that are going to resonate with the market. 
We became one of the first agencies to offer affiliate management and it serves as a measurement tool as well. Clients can see the sales that come directly through the press we’ve earned them, thus proving our value.
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How do you stay fresh? 
Traveling. When I first was laid off and freelancing, I promised myself to travel more. I went away for four months and I've been able to continue traveling as I've grown my business. 
I try hard to talk to the stranger next to me in the local bar or a museum. It might just be a short conversation or it could go somewhere. It keeps a creative spark lit up.
What was the biggest transformation 2022 brought you + the brand?
2022 brought me the opportunity to zoom out and identify where I needed to put more energy into the business and what was working well. Personally, I got comfortable acknowledging my wins and celebrating them. 
I have a tendency to glaze over moments worth cheering for because I'm already thinking of the next thing on the to-do list. But I’m in the habit of reminding myself that what I’ve accomplished as a solo-entrepreneur is pretty effin admirable!
What are the top 3-5 organizational tools you leverage for efficiency + collaboration?
  1. Slack – I seriously wonder how we ever got on without it.
  2. Google
  3. Notion (thank you Meredith for introducing it to me!)
  4. A good old fashion notebook + pen
  5. Dotcal – I live and breathe by my calendar. I use a new calendar scheduling platform Dotcal, which was founded by a friend of mine.
What is the best way for people to get in touch with you?

Check out Sara's work and get in touch: