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May 2023
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Photo by SML staff
Dear SML Community,
“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going…” – a good mantra for what the SML staff have been living by in anticipation of a new season on Appledore Island. It may look seamless from the outside, but the amount of work that happens behind the scenes to ensure a successful season is tireless, yet we’d all agree – it’s certainly worth the effort.  
The excitement and positive energy flowing through our offices is hard to contain as we welcome new and returning full-time and seasonal staff to the team. Matthew Norwood, SML’s new Director of Operations, has put together a full week of on-boarding and training for our staff, and we are all eager to learn from his extensive knowledge of running field stations around the country. Steve Pickens was recently hired as SML’s full-time boat captain and will be managing a seasonal crew to ensure all things boat-related operate smoothly.  
We foresee running at full capacity this summer as we welcome a multitude of students, researchers, faculty, and community members to Appledore - first classes start June 5! Bird banders are already on the island banding various species of songbirds, and preparation on White Island has begun in anticipation of the tern colony who are currently in migration. Roughly 70 volunteers will join us on Memorial Day weekend to help prep the campus facilities. We are humbled each year by the number of people who give their time to help open the lab, it’s hard to turn people away as we cannot accommodate everyone but are grateful to all.  
We wish the entire SML community a summer of science, sustainability, and seas…
Jennifer Seavey
Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Shoals Seabird Science Director contributions to science hot off the press!
Elizabeth Craig, the Shoals Director of Seabird Science, was co-author on a recent article published in the journal of Endangered Species Research. Way to go, Liz!
Welcome Steve!
Say hello to our new full time captain Steve Picken! We are so excited to have him on our team.
Steve has spent a lifetime on the water, having grown up working on his father’s charter boat. He comes from a long line of captains and spent almost 20 years in the commercial maritime industry before seasonally migrating to Shoals Marine Lab in 2019. Since arriving at SML, in addition to regular Captain work, Steve has assisted the shark programs catching and releasing sharks, and other programs requiring bottom fishing. Although Steve’s first love includes the ocean, his biggest love is for his family including his wife Dawn, and his children Lilah (12) and Elan (9).
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Corporate Sponsorship at Shoals
We are excited to announce a new corporate sponsorship opportunity at SML! As an organization committed to environmental stewardship and scientific advancement, we believe partnering with like-minded companies offers a unique collaboration that will extend our impact on marine ecosystems.
Why sponsor us?
Since 1966, we have strived to inspire the next generation of scientists, conservationists, and leaders in the marine field. Our diverse range of programs attracts students, staff, researchers, and the public - fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge. Partnership puts companies before our community members throughout the year and helps sustain the vitality of SML, the climate, and oceans. 
Annual partnership levels range from $1,000 - $10,000 and are available with options to support our public programs, a custom program, or SML overall. 
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We need your help!
We don’t underestimate the power of the SML Community! Many of you are highly connected, and well-respected members of our local community and beyond. Your corporate connections might become our biggest partnerships and we invite you to consider potential sponsors in your circle and share this information with them.
Please reach out to Amy Fish,, to discuss the corporate sponsorship opportunities available. We look forward to collaborating with partners who share a common goal of making a lasting impact on marine conservation, education, and environmental awareness.
Shoals Alumni Reunion at Cornell
At Cornell this past week, the Shoals alumni got together for a sweet postcard writing activity and ice cream social. Completely run by students, the group has been active since fall 2022 and was founded by summer '22 alumni. The group aims to reunite past Shoalers and introduce prospective students to all Shoals has to offer.
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Shoals Marine Laboratory is a joint partnership between Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.