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New Series: Giving and Receiving Feedback
The Leader's 3-2-1 Newsletter
“What would you like to be coached on tomorrow?”
I pose this question to clients 24 hours before each session. 
Every client I've worked with has shared a version of the following at some point in our time together:
  • “Ways to improve giving feedback”
  • “There's an employee I need to talk to this week about performance"
  • “I have an employee consistently not doing what they are supposed to”
In this next series of The Leader's 3-2-1 newsletter, I'm taking lessons from those coaching conversations and sharing them with you. 
Learn feedback skills that hold others accountable, establish clear expectations, and coach others to optimal performance.
Clear, kind and mindful communication skills will help your teams achieve goals, dissolve drama and increase productivity.
First installment hits inboxes next Thursday, May 4th. If you're receiving this email, you're already signed up!
In the meantime, three foundational reflections to start honing your feedback skills:
  • What feels most challenging about giving feedback? Is it starting the conversation? Is it knowing what to say? Is it the fear of relational disruption? Naming what makes you hesitate is a powerful strategy in taming its impact.
  • What feels most challenging about receiving feedback? What fear hops in the driver's seat when feedback comes in? Naming what you wish to avoid helps you show up to the situation with more courage and resilience.
  • What are you doing to build trust and connection with others? Effective feedback requires safe spaces and healthy relationships. You can deliver a message perfectly, but if trust isn't there, the news can have a rough landing.
Learning is best with friends! I invite you to forward this email to colleagues and have them subscribe to the newsletter below:
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Communication Series: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Part 1 hits inboxes Thursday, May 4th!
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In this keynote or webinar, I discuss:
  • Why your resilience is like a battery: grittiness is more about overall wellness than overall willpower.
  • The zones of resilience: how to identify each zone and strategies for care.
  • Staying grounded: how connecting to your own vision, values and inner voice keeps life's pace manageable.
  • Staying gritty: how to limit, grit and quit your way to passion, perseverance and personal power.
  • Staying growth-oriented: how adopting a learning mindset with an infinite scope makes your world harder to shake.
Bring this new educational session to your next team webinar or conference keynote. 
To learn more and book, reply to me or schedule your free discovery call below!
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Rooting for you, always.
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