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This weekend we went camping - and like most things I do, it was an impulsive, spur of the moment decision.
To give you a little background or context, I have been dreaming about owning a camper van since we first arrived in the UK. I don't know what it is, but the idea of spending my weekends out on the road, slowly exploring England, and spending some quality time with my husband and little girl around a campfire makes my soul just want to explode with joy.
We have been saving up for this for years, slowly squirilling away what we can. But the honest truth is, we are probably a few years away from being able to afford the #vanlife we dream of. 
But what I noticed was this resentment that was building up inside of me - the impatience that this dream would not be a reality for at least another couple of years. And so we stayed put, not seeing very much of the UK since we arrived 5 years ago.
Until 2 weekends ago, when I just thought, why do we have to wait?
Was there another way we could have this feeling - without needing to wait. And so I suggested, what if we just go camping?
We could use a little bit of our savings and just start experiencing the things we think this camper van is going to allow us to experience.
What if we roast the marshmallows, go on the walks, and simply just hit the road (with our indie road trip playlist playing on repeat)?
What if we didn’t hold back the joy until we could “fully live the dream” - what if we create the same experience right now, in a way that is accessible for us?
And to my surprise - I loved it!
I loved how simple it was to chuck a few things in our car and set up our little cosy tent
I loved how we were away from all distractions and got to spend some time on the beach
I loved sleeping so close to the earth and feeling and hearing the elements all around us
And I loved that we sat around our little campfire, laughing and being fully present in the moment.
We got to experience all the “things” that we have been holding back on - we didn’t need to wait. We could experience them right now.
On the way home this got me thinking about how I do this so often at work. 
Withhold joy until I feel like I have achieved this big arbitrary goal. 

Believing that when I finally reach this goal, or target that somehow everything will be perfect and I can finally experience joy. 
And so, I thought about all my goals and desires (related to my work and business).
And thought - what is it that I hope to experience by reaching these things?
What do I believe that these goals and dreams will make me feel when I finally arrive at that destination?
Much like my camping experience, it's the feeling of freedom. 
It's the feeling of simplicity and ease that I believe reaching these goals will help me experience. It’s being able to spend more time with my family, prioritising my spiritual journey and connection with nature.
But what this camping trip has taught me is that I have access to all of those feelings right now.
Maybe not in the same way, but I can definitely feel parts of these things right now.
And how much more enjoyable will the experience be, if I actually allow myself to experience all of these things along the way?
Which is why for this next month, I am going to prioritise experiencing these feelings in my business EVERYDAY.
I choose to feel and experience these things now. 
I will go for the walk over trying to squeeze a few more minutes of work into my dayI will spend time outdoors, even if I feel like I am falling behind on reaching my goals
I will spend time with my family, instead of spending time worrying about my unfinished to do list
And I will keep choosing ease and simplicity over and over again. 
Today, I invite you to take a look at the dreams and desires you are working towards. To think about when you reach this goal or destination - how do you want to feel?
And if there is a way you can experience that feeling today, even in just a small way?
Sending all my love,
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