"I need more balance" [said most everyone, especially parents]. This is the relentless pursuit I see and plea I hear. And pain I feel. 
But we forge ahead.  The hurry has become holy and any hope of balance continues to be elusive.  Elusive because it's impossible for an individual to achieve and maintain.  
So we settle.  I've heard some well-meaning leaders say we can't achieve work life balance, we need to practice blending. And for some reason the idea of blending makes me cringe. Probably because my observation is that personal and family wellbeing is especially vulnerable to being sacrificed to the professional demands. 
For you who are parents, I see you, and I see this: the sacrificing of your own wellbeing for your kids. It's not sustainable and leaving you exhausted in how you lead, live and even how you love.  I've been there.
If you are a parent or guardian, the dynamic of pursuing balance can feel even more intense, stressful and at times guilt-ridden.
I've coached hundreds of people through both my platforms of Personal Coaching and Leadership Coaching.  If a client is a parents/guardian, we inevitably spend time on topics related to parenting and often it's a on a challenge [a child struggling in school or with friends, technology challenges, in the middle of rebellion, dealing with addiction…].  We process through how the challenge influences them at home and at work.  We can't avoid the duel impact of challenges, but we can strengthen how we approach them.
To offer a practical pathway for parents, I'm expanding my coaching platform to offer Strength-Based Parent Coaching.
A unique professional coaching opportunity for parents who are currently facing stress, challenges, exhaustion and maybe a sense of hopelessness or frustration.  Coaching also for those who aren't in the middle of a challenge and curious about strengthening their family systems by how they show up in their parenting. Because if you're a parent, you know challenges will come and the good news is we don't have to face them alone.
This parent-focused approach is not to fix a child.  It's about equipping and empowering you the parent.  It's discovering a parent's natural strengths and leveraging them to build clarity, capacity, connection and confidence as they lead their family. And where we might be over functioning and sabotaging the very connections we crave.
Strength-Based Parenting offers: 
CLARITY:  identifying challenges and desired outcomes.
CAPACITY: discovering strengths, strategies and resources to build resilience, boundaries and energy in their parenting experience.
CONNECTION: building authentic relationship with their kids, a co-parent and as a family unit.
CONFIDENCE:  practicing with relevant tools and strategies especially during challenges.
And more sanity for you the parent!
For those coparenting: this coaching offers an opportunity to understand each other better on topics like expectations, discipline, boundaries, behaviors and create resilience boosting strategies that make sense for your family so you can parent in ways that offer consistency, calm and clarity for your kids.
For single parents:  the challenges can feel double and the capacity cut in half, discovering your strengths and emerging meaningful strategies can change how you see yourself and your unique parent journey.
I'm excited to formally offer this platform for families.  It's a combination of my degrees in Community & Family Health and Organizational Leadership, professional and personal experience AND my passion:  building resilience in organizations. Afterall, families are our first organizational experience.  The first table we sit at.  Together, we can create family cultures, tables to sit around that are resilient in a world that can feel overwhelming for parents regardless of the age of their child/children.
The goal isn't perfection, it's practice [and pioneering if we're honest]. Imperfectly practicing parenting with intention and grace-filled strategies.
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How we live impacts how we lead and how others live.  I'm ready to partner with you to grow clarity, capacity, connection and confidence at home so when you and your kids leave your doorway, the world is influenced by the imperfect yet intentional good that's growing at home!
Practicing, pioneering and yes, praying as I parent,