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Did you know clearing toxins from your body is as easy as opening your fridge or strolling down the produce aisle at the grocery store?
There’s no need to overcomplicate the cleansing process and to help you get started, I’m sharing 4 nutrient-rich foods that help support your body’s natural detox process and are IN SEASON this May!
❤️ ASPARAGUS - a good source of a powerful antioxidant; glutathione. Also a good source of fiber, iron, folate, and vitamins A,C,E,K
🥦 BROCCOLI - sulforaphane, found in broccoli, helps fight off infections in our bodies. It also helps the liver’s ability to detox.
❤️ BEETS - beets contain betaine, which helps the liver expel toxins, as well as pectin, which clears toxins removed by the liver
🥑 AVOCADO - loaded with antioxidants, avocados contain 20 different vitamins and minerals that help decrease the chance of chronic illness
Consuming nutrient-rich foods is just the START to helping your body naturally detox. If you’re looking for a more customized approach to your needs, connect with us!
Even if you are just starting your health journey, it's never too late to start living well.  
We can help you with chiropractic care, guided nutrition plans, and more to help you feel & look your best.
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Yours in health,
Dr. Loretta