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I have no idea how it's April 21st already.
I blinked and…most of April was gone. I think part of it hard to d with Readers Take Denver at the beginning of the month quickly followed by Easter and the myriad other things that take over my life.
Springs is officially taking over here in Colorado minus a few snowy flurries last week and some predicted for tonight/tomorrow morning as well. 
The biggest news I have for you this week is I have confirmed I will be attending Readers Take Denver at the Gaylord in 2024! Who's planning on joining me?
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Y'all. I'm this close to finishing Sawyer and Evie's book. The last few chapters have flown out thanks to some early morning alarms and accountability from my bestie. I was hoping to have the book finished a lot sooner than I am, but I really wanted to make sure I'm giving Sawyer and Evie the story they deserve. 
For being so patient with me, how about a little snippet? Please keep in mind this is unedited and could change, but I hope you like it.
The picture itself covered a small scrap of paper—a piece of my book that had been ripped out to deliver Brad’s message.
See you soon.
My heart drops to my stomach, anxiety prickling along my skin as fear rushes through my blood with every pound of my heartbeat. I lose my grip on the glossy photo that evidences my nightmare and watch absent-mindedly as it flutters back down to cover the words, but does nothing to stem the scream that lodges in my throat.
The one thought unlocks my body, my only thought to get out of this apartment as quickly as possible. Rushing blindly from my bedroom, I’m at my front door before I can process anything else, and throwing open the door. I have to get back to Mia’s. Back to safety. Back to Sawyer.
Large hands stop my progress, the past and present colliding into my worst nightmare. Every impulse in my body shifts from flight to fight and I lash out, connecting with hard muscles. Fingers wrap around my wrist subduing my fight and it’s only then that I hear words.
“Evie, stop. It’s me. You’re okay. You’re safe.” It’s the cadence of Sawyer’s voice as much as the words he says that drains the adrenaline from my body and I sag against him.
Those large hands that had been so terrifying a moment ago sweep up and down my back in a comforting gesture. I heave a sigh and look up, meeting his concerned gaze.
“What happened?”
He moves, directing us back into my apartment and closing the door. But the space doesn’t seem as terrifying as it did a moment ago. My head relaxes back against his chest, the steady thump of his heartbeat soothing me further.
“He was here.”
I don’t have to explain who he is. Sawyer’s body tenses beneath my cheek and hands and I tighten my grip, not ready for him to let go just yet.
“When you got here?”
I shake my head.
“No. I’m not sure when. But…he left me a message.”
“Show me.”
So what do you think? Are you ready for
Soldier for the Starling?
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While I'm not quite ready to show the cover yet, stay tuned to this newsletter or join my FB group (Breanna Lynn's Book Baristas) or my Patreon for exclusive early access. (P.S. The cover and blurb for Soldier for the Starling may already be posted to my Patreon. 😉 )
Book Boxes
Did you see my newsletter on Monday? In that email I announced that I had 10 boxes with exclusive covers for the Heart Beats series.
Boxes will include paperbacks of the entire series (all six books) with never before seen covers and some amazing swag!
Guess what!
There's now only 2 left!
Have you grabbed yours?

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I mentioned that Soldier for the Starlings cover and blurb are both on my Patreon…what are you waiting for?

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Last fall I tried a Kickstarter campaign as I started looking at producing my first audiobook—Written in the Beat. Have you all reviewed kickstarters before? What about supporting them? I'd love to get your thoughts on what you would be looking for as reward tiers and your thoughts on Kickstarter in general. 
Would you be interested in seeing another Kickstarter campaign for Written in the Beat's audio?

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💕 8/5: Rockin' Romance Readers in Knoxville, TN
💕 11/3-11/5: HEA Reader Event in Indianapolis, IN
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Do you love to review books? Want to receive Advanced Reader Copies in exchange for a review? I am currently accepting new members for my ARC team. Interested?
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Tickets are now on sale for the HEA Reader Event in Indianapolis. Have you picked up your ticket yet?

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