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Glossy (fake) reporting is ruining inclusion efforts. Here's what I see:
Too many corporate inclusion leads only share wins. Aka: “yay: a 15% increase in retention of X group” without acknowledging the full picture of remaining problems.
(Yes, I understand the intense pressure to show your work is successful. But also…)
Only sharing wins stalls progress because if your leaders/colleagues think everything is hunky-dory, they might not feel any sense of urgency to fix/fund things that still need fixing.
What's more, one-sidedly-positive DEI reporting sends a terrible message to those facing bias and/or exclusion. You're signaling, “your truth doesn't count - we care more about making numbers look good - not about fixing roadblocks and hostilities you face."
Here's how to share your wins in a way that acknowledges your successes AND keeps leaders focussed on what needs changing AND builds trust with marginalized employees: 
Share the full context. As in,“We had a goal of increasing women in leadership to 50% by 2025; given the X initiative and X policy change, we are up to X% and are on track. Yay. However, we also have room to improve: we are severely lagging in hiring/retaining women leaders of Color. So: we plan to do X to ensure our effort doesn't have the unintended impact of leaving behind women of Color.” Boom.
For those who like a checklist, below are the components of any trust-building, solution-oriented DEI update:
Executive Director, American Association of Corporate/Gender Strategists
+ "Silicon Valley's Gender/Inclusion Advisor" 
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If you are often “the only one in the room” who speaks up about fairness, exclusion, demographics, and social justice, I made this for you (us): We start in a couple weeks!
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Three cheers to everyone who bravely speaks up about fairness, exclusion, demographics, and social justice - even when we feel intense pressure to shushhhh.
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Don't just chat someone after a meeting and say “oh so sorry Chad did that.” Stop Chad in the moment. 
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ALL MY Love + power to the people.
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Photo by Sarah Deragon / Portraits to the People
p.s. Please keep sending me your feminist, queer + workplace inclusion comics. :) (The villain sent me this one).
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