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Hello Friend! April showers brought some gorgeous May flowers this month, but we almost don't need them, since we have so many beautiful aromas in our little oil bottles…that happen to do way more than smell good! 🪷
This month, we have all sorts of exciting news to share! But first, let's start with May's class schedule. Be sure to save this email, so you can easily click on the calendar below to access the links to the classes we have planned for you.

Zoom Classes this Month!

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It's a full month loaded with classes in May, including Monday Connection Calls, Wednesday business training, and Tuesday local Biz meet ups at Zion Coffee Shop!  Text CLASS to 309-450-9711 to receive reminders about Common Scents Zooms and text PEORIA to get in-person classes each month.
 And check out even MORE classes with friends I collab with or heartily recommend at 
Remember, these classes are put together with love to help you gain confidence in how to use your oils and products! I hope to see you and get to know you better! 

Monthly Local Classes

Join us in person for this fun, educational class at my house. Text PEORIA to 309-450-9711.
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Win a $200 
Mystery Box!

Process your Loyalty Order (LR) before the 15th of the month with a 100 pv minimum order and I'll throw your name in the hat for a chance to win over $200 worth of valuable products! And earn up to 25% back in FREE products with every order! If you're not yet on LR, check  out how it works HERE. Easy peasy!
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Free Stuff in May!

Promos and perks abound in Young Living! In addition to the perk of earning points for free products through Loyalty Rewards, you can also earn freebies each month when you reach different pv benchmarks (and earn the products below for FREE in May)! Be sure to check out my May Must-Have list for your May Loyalty Order and earn the products below!
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Brand New Blends!

And starting this month, the brand new popular blends, 
Season Essentials and Red Cedar Bliss are available on Loyalty too!
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If you haven't had a chance to check them out…
First up, Season Essentials EO! This oil has a refreshing, clearing, herbaceous aroma. It supports a healthy respiratory system. It creates the BEST breathing experience during seasonal changes and has a stimulating, soothing aroma when applied topically to the head, neck, and chest. My son takes a few drops in a capsule with great results.
Item No.: 43941 | Retail Price: $55.92 | PV: 42.50
Next, Red Cedar Bliss EO. a warm, woodsy blend you can use aromatically, topically, and internally. Made with Orange, Clove, Laurus Nobilis, Helichrysum, Frankincense, and Western Red Cedar, this powerhouse has a grounding, harmonizing aroma and may support a healthy immune system when ingested.
Item No: 43909 | Wholesale: $54 | PV: 54

Meet the Team!

Meet Common Scents top enroller, Lori Vernon! Lori loves changing lives by sharing her passion for our oils! And she's rockin' it! Join our exclusive Facebook group HERE to interact with SO many amazing leaders like Lori!
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If you haven't yet tried the intoxicating blend below, I encourage you to whip up a batch for your mom this Mother's Day! It is absolute HEAVEN in a bottle! I use it as my “prayer oil,” but it makes an amazing perfume! 
My friend who has high anxiety formulated this blend, and I tweaked it a little with 2 drops of rose to raise the frequency even more! So the rose is technically optional! And if you get on Loyalty for the first time this month, let me know and I'll send you a free perfume bottle for making this recipe simply because I love you! Give her a bottle of perfume with one of my free perfume cards for the life-giving gift of essential oils! ❤️

Download Your Free Recipe Cards!

Click the image below to download my Sanctuary perfume recipe card for FREE. Print on Avery postcard stock number 8387. Avery postcard stock can be found HERE.
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Host a Gathering & Earn 15% Off! 

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Click the image below to register to host an event this month to receive 15% off your Shop Order! Register for 3 events and earn THREE Kona points (yes, vendor events count)!

Brand Partner Resources

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Share the Love!
Have you ever referred a friend to Young Living? Did you know you can earn a $75 THANK YOU CHECK from Young Living when someone orders a starter kit using your link? (50% commission plus a $25 bonus).* Do you know HOW to create your own customized link? If not, feel free to text LINKME me to 309-450-9711 and I'll give you a call to help!
And check out the new Brand Partner section of my website for Common Scents Brand Partner exclusive resources (still a work in progress):
Have an amazing month! I can't wait to connect with you in our classes and Facebook groups!
Abundantly Yours,
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