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Cotton Wovens 101
It might be the most common fiber in the world, but there is a lot to know when it comes to this powerhouse! We're breaking down some of our most common cottons and sewing them up with sweet woven patterns. 
The Big 3
While these three might be a plain weave they are by no means plain! Quilting Cotton, Poplin, and Lawns make up a lot of the cotton fabrics that we carry. Typically featuring patterns and a flat finish they seem very similar at first glance, what it really comes down to is weight and drape. 
Quilting Cotton: Your sturdy friend, perfect for quilts (duh), but when paired with the right pattern makes a super garment. We went with the Cielo Top by Closet Core since it doesn't need a lot of drape and is perfect for a pop of pattern!
Poplin: Popping right up in the middle! Enough drape for a dress and crisp enough for a button-up. We went for a classic men's button-up with some fun pockets in the Negroni Shirt from Seamwork
Lawns: Light and airy these cottons add some flow to your garments without having to work with finnicky rayon. Great for a blouse or dress, and perfect for summer, we went with Cotton Dress 124 from Burda 05/2023
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Texture Town
While plain weaves might dominate, texture holds its own in the world of cotton. From eyelets to embroidery, swiss dot to jacquard, flannel to crinkle, and double to quadruple gauze each fabric brings its own unique element while varying in weight and drape. Here are a couple we make sure to always have on hand:
Crinkle Cotton: With a set in crinkled or crumpled texture this casual cotton is perfect for a short sleeve button-up like the unisex Cameron Button-up from Helen's Closet
Double Gauze: Two layers stitched together at set intervals, when washed this fabric becomes puffy goodness. Keep it chic in the Kamala dress from Fibre Mood # 23. Hot tip: Make sure to wash this fabric before using and don't iron!
Swiss Dot: Its iconic dots are made up of thread bunches added during the weaving process, either in the same yarn or as a pop of contrasting colour. Often very lightweight, we paired it with the dreamy Wilder Gown from Friday Pattern Co
Flannel: Brushed to give it it's oh-so-soft texture Flannel sews up into super cozy creations. With a similar weight to a quilting cotton its the perfect choice for pajamas, so why mess with perfection? Sew up some Closet Core Carolyn PJ shorts for summer snuggles.
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Heavy Hitters
While these all might come in varying weights (think 3oz all the way up to 12oz/ square yard) our heavy hitters are perfect for jeans, outerwear, overalls and jumpsuits, and accessories. Often found in either 100% cotton or with a touch of spandex, its all about preference!
Corduroy: This classic pant fabric comes with 2 measurement, the weight and the wale. Wale are the distinctive lines that make cord cord, and the bigger the wale number the smaller the lines. Check out the Partner Overalls from Ready to Sew for a fun way to play around with the line direction on pockets. 
Denim: While little introduction is needed for denim we're going to do it anyways. This cotton Twill weave is made up of a coloured warp thread and a white weft thread, so while all denim is twill not all twill is denim! The Ash Jeans from Megan Nielsen are perfect for 100% cotton denim (or twill).
Twill: With it's distinctive diagonal weave, twill is found across lots of fibers. We love its soft texture and easy drape for the Chilton Trench from Cashmerette
Canvas: Once again a humble plain weave, Canvas dominates in the accessory world. Its heavy-duty structure holds up to daily use and it comes in so many cute patterns! Check out Noodlehead's Making Backpack and their many other amazing bag patterns. 
*All fabric and patterns are in the order that they appear in the photos!

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Slip into something summery - after you sew it from the new Fibre Mood, that is! Issue 23 is full of delightful dresses, tops, skirts, and set with classic Fibre Mood design details. 
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Mum/mother figure/mamá/mom/mummy/madre, whatever you call her she deserves something special this coming Mother's Day! Scoop up a unique ceramic tea cup, magnetic pin plate, or both from Canadian artist Joseph Billings Pottery.
Fun fact, the artist's mama is one of RICK RACK's awesome instructors!

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