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May Prompt 1
The first prompt for this month is…
This word is just 3 letters but there are SO many possibilities and directions you can take it! Below are several ideas but I feel like it only scratches the surface. What comes to your mind when you think of mix? What would you want to combine? What have you been wanting to try? I hope you get to put some of those thoughts onto your sketchbook page in the upcoming weeks!

Blend, combine, mingle, fuse, merge, unite, join…
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  • Take 3 things and mix them up! Inspired by the 3 letters in mix, choose 3 of something (paint, paper, patterns, unfinished pieces, book pages, etc.) and mix them up to create one piece.
  • Weaving Use paper, thread, scraps of fabric, washi tape, here are some ideas. If making one large woven piece feels like a big project, consider incorporating a smaller woven piece onto your page instead.
  • Create a mixed media piece. See what elements call out to you. Put them all together onto a page. Here are some examples. (You can add that woven piece here!)
  • Try marbling paper using oil and food coloring or shaving cream and liquid watercolors
  • What You Know + Something New Take what you already know, your current style, the tools you keep gravitating towards, and mix it with something new that you don't normally do / use!
  • Explore contrast. Nature/technology, light/dark, positive/negative space, joy/grief, vintage/modern, delicate/bold.
  • Not the dancing I'd imagine with Dolly Parton's Jolene but it works so well!
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  • Create a mix tape inspired piece. Anyone else feeling nostalgic? Take inspiration from lyrics, the music, the time in your life when you used to do this. I used to always add this song to my mix CDs--listening to it always reminds me of the early 2000s :)
  • Make an unexpected pairing like these embroidered photos
  • Highlight the mix Show off the different colors or elements that were used in the mixing, like in these delicious paint strokes (Palette knives are a fun tool to try this with!)
  • On the flip side, find two of the same. What 2 tools, colors (refer to this chart for pairings), materials, styles, would really compliment one another?
  • Mix Paint Try acrylic, watercolors, inks, or a combo of the 3. Observe the different stages, allow the paint to blend, see how the colors react, use it in its various stages, try to capture the different points of when it's mixed. Here's a satisfying example (it's also being done on a beach for some reason lol)
  • Find inspiration in the kitchen: mixing oil and vinegar, fusion dishes, kneading dough, pouring creamer into black coffee, combining the batter for marble cake.
  • Mixing musical styles and languages Coldplay x BTS My Universe
  • Something fun: mixing 100 different colors into big tub of fluffy slime :)

I can't wait to see what you mix up! :)
I hope you're month is off to a great start! Talk to you soon and enjoy your weekend,
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