This Week in the Spotlight…
Hey A-Listers,
My love for Talloula is no secret. There is an energy there coupled with the beauty, team, and offering, that always pulls me back with a magnetic force. The fact that we chose to have our secret nuptials there speaks for itself. There is so much to tell about Talloula, but today I want to focus on the Spa…it’s not just a Spa, it’s a Garden spa. No pedis overlooking a car park or hearing squeaking trolleys roll by. The tranquility and setting are simply amazing and what I love the most (given my parallel universe life as a Fresh Eyes Customer Experience trainer) is the EXPERIENCE.
The welcome, the treatment options, and the packages WITH delicious coffee and cake to die for, makes for the best spoil ever! Lindsay, Nomsa and the team are just wonderful! I even love the little sayings in the garden on the way to the spa – be sure to spot them when you visit.
It might or might not have snuck up on you BUT it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, 12th May and a Talloula voucher makes the best gift EVER! That’s what my own precious mom even bought us as a wedding present (at our age we certainly don’t need more “stuff”, so a couple’s spoil was the bomb!)
Moms make the world go round – literally! Mother’s day is our chance to say thank you and show them they are loved and appreciated. Moms don’t need more hand cream and soaps they need rest and relaxation. Gift your mom (or self) with an experience, some time out to slow down and breathe – their spa vouchers are so pretty and come wrapped in paper with a ribbon.
If you are busy and want to skip the queues send them a mail and they will send you an electronic voucher that you can print on your side.
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Take advantage of these AMAZING special offers and buy your mom (or self…I mean Miley Cyrus’ “I can buy myself flowers” is a chart-topper so replace flowers with “spa spoil”) a voucher. I love the packages for 2 as then you don’t only get the spoil but get to make memories together too! Quality time… some of my best memories…
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PS : Tell the ladies when you book that you are an A-Lister and you will get VIP Treatment 😊 AND you stand a chance to WIN A VOUCHER
I don’t have a sweet tooth (might come as a surprise), but Talloula is the one place I have literally inhaled the best cheesecake, scone, carrot cake, or lemon meringue with my daughter or a friend, including Alice!  How everyone oohs and aahs when the plates are presented, and you get to have the best cake in town! If you’re going to have a spoil, then do a proper job!
You can’t threaten me with a good time, this would be my recommended plan :
  • Buy the voucher
  • Have one of their amazing breakfasts or lunches (the food is honestly fabulous)
  • Throw in some bubbles (why not?!)
  • Have the heavenly spoil, and finish off with decadent coffee and cake
BOOM!  #winningatlife
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I now have serious FOMO and, given that our children are flung far and wide around the globe, will be doing this with a BESTIE.
Enjoy it all, have fun, make memories, take selfies, and be sure to let us know about your awesome experience. You deserve it and so does your mom/friend/daughter.
A Talloula voucher is great for ANY occasion so best diarise your friends’ birthdays, teachers gift, the whole shebang! Prezzies sorted!
Sigh, I can smell the fragranced oils, coffee and fresh air already…

Let us ignite your brand!
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