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Beware of Childhood Sports Injuries
Kids get hurt all the time. They're running, they're jumping, they're crashing into things. Kids want to have fun, and when they play, they play full-out. So, when kids play real sports, stuff happens. Whether your kid plays soccer, baseball, football, or studies karate, a broken bone, sprained ankle, or twisted knee is just the natural fallout of learning new skills and having a good time.

The treatment for most childhood sports injuries is straightforward and standard. For strains and sprains that involve only mild to moderate swelling and pain, the time-honored RICE protocol is followed - rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Pediatric orthopedists may need to get involved when the injury is more severe or when an arm or leg bone is broken. In one of the unusual chains of circumstances that make the practice of medicine and the practice of chiropractic so interesting, a physical trauma (like a sports injury) can also reveal an underlying more serious problem.

Various disorders of bone may not show themselves in terms of symptoms until a physical trauma makes them apparent. Such problems include metabolic disorders, growth and development problems, and even benign and malignant tumors. What would make a parent suspect such an issue?
First, if the child's pain seems out-of-proportion to the degree of injury. A mild knee sprain - for example, caused by tripping over second base while trying to stretch a double into a triple - should not be causing significant pain. Also, mild-to-moderate injuries should not be warm to the touch. A parent can evaluate this. And, a child should not be running a fever after an activity-related injury.

It would also be suspicious if the pain did not improve daily. For the majority of injuries, pain that lingers beyond several days suggests an underlying problem. Children are resilient. Healthy kids heal quickly. They want to shrug off an injury, forget it happened, and get back to playing. If your child isn't getting better in a few days, seems lethargic, or feels ill following an injury, warning bells should go off.

Our chiropractors are familiar with all such conditions and scenarios and will recommend the appropriate steps to take, including a complete physical and x-ray examination. If necessary, our doctors will be able to recommend appropriate specialists for follow-up, including hematologists, endocrinologists, and pediatric orthopedists.

Keep in mind, all of these more serious problems are uncommon. And, of course, well-informed parents help their kids grow up healthy and strong.
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Free & Engaging Summer Activities For Kids
It is May, which means we should (hopefully) be in the clear from snowfall and have nice, warm summer weather in our near future! As the temperatures rise and the school year ends, families are starting to compile their summer schedules filled with activities for their children. For kids of all ages, these summer activities might include summer camps, family vacations, playing a sport, or days spent at the pool. While summer activities can be a great way for children to stay physically active, summer fitness does not always need to be scheduled or have a price tag attached to it.
There are plenty of activities that families and children of all ages can do, both around the house, and in their own yard or neighborhood to stay active during the summer months. Here are a few free ideas for families to incorporate over the summer months.

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Don't Let A Lapse In Care Set You Back
Your health and wellness is important to us! Regular chiropractic care and follow through with your treatment plan is paramount to your health. Because we want you to continue building on your progress, we want to remind you that it’s important to schedule with one of our chiropractors to keep you on track if your former primary provider is no longer available.
At Schofield Chiropractic Group, we have three doctors who are all trained by Palmer College of Chiropractic, and nationally board accredited, meaning care can remain consistent and effective no matter which doctor you see. Your treatment plan is designed for optimal progression for your specific goals! Delaying treatment, or seeing a doctor outside of our group, may affect how quickly you improve or maintain improvement. 
If you haven’t met Dr. Schofield, Dr. Block or Dr. Bush, please schedule an appointment soon so you can get to know them. We thank you for trusting us with your chiropractic care in the past and look forward to the opportunity to provide the highest quality of care in the future.

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We Want To Save You Money!
Research shows consistent chiropractic care, even when you're not in pain, can have a significant impact on your overall health. For our records to remain up to date, it’s important for you to schedule a routine adjustment with your primary provider, at a minimum, every six months. After a six-month lapse in care, a re-exam may be required. In this instance, the doctor will want to spend more time with you at your visit reviewing your health history, which can mean an additional re-exam fee. If it's been awhile since we saw you last, schedule an appointment with your provider soon so we can keep your records current and you can avoid additional charges.  

Mother's Day
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Give Mom The Gift of Self-Care
Just like massage therapy, chiropractic care can be part of your self-care arsenal. And there's no better way to spoil mom than with a gift certificate for Schofield Chiropractic. They can be used for any of our retail products like our memory foam pillows, supplements and vitamins. Plus, they can also be used for any of our services like dry needling, Active Release Technique, Graston, compression therapy, our anti-gravity treadmill and adjustments! 

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