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Mirror Notes: Your weekly reflection of goodness.
Happy Wednesday First name / friend,
It has been a really busy week over here. I’m going to be taking some time off to travel this summer (more on that soon) so I’ve been working ahead getting episodes of the podcast prepped.
Between last week and this week, I’ll be recording 11 podcast episodes (some for mine, some as guests on other podcasts) and recording that many shows in a short period of time is no joke! But it’s worth it because I’ve had some really great conversations that I can’t wait to share with you.
Since it will be such a busy week, I’ve been taking extra care to make sure my sleep is on point. Sometimes when we have a lot going on sleep is the first thing to go, but in reality that’s when our bodies need sleep the most.
Though my schedule is a little hectic and I haven’t been getting the most sleep, I’ve been making sure the sleep I am getting is really high-quality by focusing on my sleep hygiene.
Continuing our Mindset May theme this week on the podcast I shared a solo episode talking more about why our bodies need sleep, the benefits of sleep, and ways we can improve our sleep hygiene to get the sleep we need.
It’s the part of our wellness routine we tend to neglect, but with some simple tweaks we can feel more rested and energized. Definitely give it a listen this week.
xx, Les
In today’s episode, I’m talking about something we often sacrifice, but desperately need—quality sleep. We all crave it, and at various points in our lives, we all struggle with it (shoutout to my friends with young children).
So, I’m sharing a wealth of information about the function and science of sleep and some of my favorite methods for improving your sleep quality ASAP.
Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or watch the full video on YouTube.
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My relationship with sleep improved so much when I started using my Oura Ring. The Oura Ring is a beautiful ring that tracks your sleep, readiness level, and activity throughout the day. It offers in-depth analysis about each part of your sleep cycle and it’s educated me so much about the different stages and how important they are for our health.
To learn more about the benefits of rest and how Oura can help, check out the All Hours series on the Oura Ring blog. *sponsor
📚 All this mindset talk on the podcast has me revisiting a few of my favorite mindset-focused books Switch on Your Brain and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Both are great reads for reframing our mindsets and remaining open to possibility.
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