Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States since 1949. The month is observed with media, local events, and film screenings. Mental Health Awareness Month began in the United States in 1949 and was started by the Mental Health of America organization.
This month we strive to challenge stigma and bring deeper understanding for those who are struggling with mental illness and behavioral health issues.
Hi Friends,
It is always Mental Health Awareness Month at Holistic Wellness Solutions and to celebrate we would like to share with you a mental health challenge!
Every month we will send you tips, recommendations, inspirations, stories, and quotes and we would love for you to pick one thing out and practice it! Practice makes perfect and whatever your goal may be, we want to help you succeed! Learning, growing, and succeeding is all about expansion of your mind, so let’s do it together!
MAY TIPS - M is for Meditation
Meditation, mindfulness, prayer, sitting in silence, the science of doing nothing, observing your thoughts, or just breathing... This timeless practice called by many names in various cultures has a variety of uses and is one of the best ways to reset you and your mood. It is recommended by mental health professionals, doctors, spiritual gurus, and people that seem to be able to be happy despite life’s challenges.
Meditation does not need to be complicated but there are many books and writings about meditation, so if you are unsure how to do it, you can find quite a few resources online. The simplest way to go about it is to sit down, close your eyes, slow down your breathing, and observe your thoughts pass by while you don’t attach to any of them. You can also focus on words such as peace or love. Research says that if you do it least once a day, you will see many health benefits.
Eckhart Tolle is an excellent writer and speaker who discusses meditation, life’s purpose, and spirituality at length. Find him on social media, read his books, or simply engage in meditation exercises. Explore your soul’s depths and travel inward to discover exciting new frontiers! Meditate and send out love to the world and to yourself, we all need it!
A is for Affirmations
Affirmations. Words. Language you use. When you think about reality, you realize that reality is based on your perception. Perceptions can change depending on the words you use; there is the ability to define your reality. Many events in life are simply an affirmation of something either verbally or in writing. Marital vows are an affirmation of love and commitment, divorce is a verbal and written affirmation of ending a relationship, buying a house is a written affirmation (contract) that you will make monthly payments on, and if you look at various life events, most, if not all of them, have to do with a positive or negative affirmation...
Affirmations, or the language you use, are powerful and can change your life for better or worse. Use the power of affirmations to better your life. Change your mood by changing your thoughts. You are the master of your life. 
Read Louise Hay, Jose Silva, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and other books on affirmations. 
If all of this is too much, start with a simple positive statement such as, “I love and accept myself,” or “I am becoming happier and healthier every day.” If you don’t like how you feel, it is most likely because you don’t like the thoughts you are thinking, so how can you change these thoughts into something more positive?
Y is for Why, Why Not, What, How…
“Why” is one of my favorite questions because I love to learn, and I like to know why people do what they do. The question “why,” however, is controversial because it can carry a judgement embedded in the question. Usually, we ask “why” when we question motives or disagree with something, but I think if you keep a curious and nonjudgmental attitude, finding out “why” can be very educational! 
Keeping a positive attitude and asking a variety of questions of yourself and others can bring fresh perspectives to the table. For example, you could ask, “why are you doing something?” Your own answers could surprise you and facilitate change. Some people say that instead of “why” you could ask yourself “why not?” Other people say that instead of asking yourself, “why is something happening to me?” you could ask yourself, “what am I learning from this?” I believe that just like Curious George asking questions can be a technique that can facilitate growth. So, if you are feeling stuck or feeling like you are unhappy, ask yourself a few questions – why are you feeling this way? Why not feel better? What are you learning from this? How can you change it?
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Alicja Matusiak is a founder of Holistic Wellness Solutions. She has been interested in studying the mysteries of the human mind ever since her father was diagnosed with depression. She acquired a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in social work, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in nursing, and committed herself to serve others who struggle with mental health issues.
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