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chapter five || may
These May days are rushing by in a blur of bank holidays, bluebells, birdsong and blossom. 'Hectic' would sum up the past few weeks for me and I am feeling the need to slow down, breathe it all in and savour this high point of the season before it passes. 
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"All things seem possible in May."
Edwin Way Teale

when the sun shines
For everyone in the UK craving the return of warm sunshine, the last few days have been a healing balm. We really had to wait-it-out this season and when the sun came out, the sigh of relief was palpable. The distant sound of lawnmowers and the scent of a thousand burning BBQs' filled the air instantly. 
At this time of year, the greater exposure to daylight lifts us up and the liveliness of this season provides a boost of vitality and vibrancy. Exposure to light regulates the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps keep the sleep-wake cycle ticking along and improves the odds of getting some quality shut-eye. It also helps produce serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates mood and makes us feel good.
I know, I know - not everyone loves hot weather. But this little window of warmth we get at the end of spring, this little moment when it's not too hot and the soil is not too parched, this bit when everything is fully green and alive - it's pretty damn wonderful. 

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curated for your tea-break
Home is more than just a place, it's also a feeling. After the events of the past few years, we really value our homes and outdoor spaces and how they make us feel. What we need from our homes changes throughout the year and I am all for seeking ways to make tiny adjustments throughout the seasons, to keep our indoor living space in tune with the world outside our windows.   
It was Mental Health Week this month and connecting with the natural world is one of the top tips highlighted by the Mental Health Foundation. Sometimes it can be hard to access natural places because of where we live, how busy we are, or even how safe we feel, so adding natural elements indoors can be a huge support to our minds and bodies. 
This month I am sharing the first in a series of blog posts called ‘Your Seasonal Home’ a series which focuses on greening up our living spaces. We are kicking off with a few of my fave DIY natural cleaning recipes and the top 5 essential oils I use around the house, to keep it smelling fresh and feeling good. 
In our post from the archives this month, I'm sharing a Seasonal Living 101. What does it really mean to live more seasonally and what does that look like in our real lives, outside the filtered Instagram ideal of pretty cottages and chickens? 
This post takes a look at the basic concepts of seasonal living and how simple adjustments to our everyday can make a big difference. 

Each season has its own distinct feel and a beauty of its own. Bringing in natural elements is a simple way to welcome and celebrate the seasons indoors. Small elements such as budding branches in spring,  or a tangle of sweet peas in the summer, these simple touches keep us grounded in the season

the listen list
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This month's seasonal list is one for your ears. A selection of episodes to keep you inspired and connected this season. Find a sunny spot and pop one of these podcasts on for some seasonal living and nature-loving chat.
Fresh Nest Podcast with Hannah Bullivant - Organising daily home life episode - practical tips and advice on daily home organisation. 
Why Women Grow Podcast - Paula Sutton on gardening in the pursuit of happiness.
The Hagitude Sessions Podcast - Sharon Blackie with Katherine May speaking about the gifts and challenges we face in the second half of our lives.
For The Wild Podcast - Rachel Cargle on a Renaissance of Our Own. 

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Wishing you a glorious long weekend ahead as we turn the last page of this spring chapter…
 see you in summer,
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