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I have just returned from seeing and celebrating family (my niece received her MASTER'S OF EDUCATION - to say I am proud is an understatement. I'll admit that waves of emotions rippled through me throughout her graduation ceremony for various reasons but what got me the MOST was the energy of the room. Hundreds of PROUD friends and family members cheering on their people - the LOVE in the room was immense! and it reminded me - while in the thick of such weird and bizarro and many times dark narrative playing out in the collective right now, the energy of that room was the only thing truly real😭), extended birthday celebrations, dinner with a great friend, and a little squeeze of time on the ocean. As an ocean baby, I have always found that there's no deeper healing or connection to the soul than being with the vast infinite sea.  
I also got to spend a great chunk of time alone in my car driving (something I love to do) - it's like its' own little vortex of recalibration. 
It's inspiring to get away, do something different, break out of routine, even for just a few days (or a few hours if that's all you can do!)...
Which brings me back to the theme of MAY for Master of the Space: YOUTH and JOY and BUSINESS! 
Essentially, when we feel youthful and joyful and happy, when we are having fun and living life, the business is more in flow. The ideas and imagination come, the energy for execution comes, the intuition hits, the right people and resources show up, the prosperity flows - ultimately, having a good time in life and feeling good magnetizes and increases more of what we want.  
While this is not groundbreaking news or some hot new revelation, I find that it's something we easily forget and lose track of.  When did everything become so serious?  I've spoken to many friends, colleagues, clients, students and I am hearing a lot of the same: 
"I used to be so much fun and have so much fun, and now I am boring myself to death." 
"I have been through literal hell and back over the past several years and can't quite find my spark for life again." 
"I have worked so hard in my business and I feel like nothing is moving or working and I am so tired, I just can't DO MORE."
Whether you're able to getaway or not, how can we activate this at any moment of any day no matter the surroundings? How can we can activate parts of our dream future vision TODAY, RIGHT NOW without the resources to "be there" yet? How do we KEEP the energy acquired from a getaway and use the momentum to make a true shift in our daily world upon return?
We are heading into the 40 day Solstice window (Friday is officially 40 days until, and Saturday is 40 days including - depending on how you prefer to track it) and we can use this time to activate the new ways of being and doing that we've been yearning for and intending. We can take our intentions and desires from Equinox, all the twists and turns and transformations of Eclipse Season, and the reviews and reflections of Mercury Retrograde and DEEPLY FEEL into what WE ACTUALLY WANT our lives to look like (not what we think it should look like or not what someone else thinks it should look like), and then SHOW UP and take actions to support it with clarity and EXCITEMENT...actual real connected excitement, not putting on a show for yourself excitement.
I'll be recommending a few practices to amplify our YOUTH + JOY and ultimately our BUSINESS. And you don't have to own your own business or work for yourself - this is more about having FUN in whatever work we already do and completely shifting our energy, feelings, moods, and perspectives around the things we HAVE to do on the day to day. 
Your LIFE is your BUSINESS, your FAMILY is your BUSINESS, your HEALTH is your BUSINESS, etc.
Please join me for this joyful and celebratory transformative experience - we begin tomorrow, THURSDAY JUPITER DAY OF EXPANSION at 12pm EST (all replays are posted within 24 hours)!
Love + Sat Nam
PS Speaking of BIRTHDAYS - I have been working on a special birthday gift from me to you; I didn't have the capacity to get it together for my actual birthday and before my trip, but since MAY is my MONTH - we have time!! Stay tuned 😉
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