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A  warm welcome to new Stop Sprawl Durham supporters. In these news blasts, you'll find action items and recent media articles. Don't forget to share!

Durham Region Official Plan Special Meeting - Weds May 17 @ 9:30 am
Since we last emailed you, a “recommended” Official Plan has been released, including a report with a list of changes and a summary of the comments received (see attachments at the end of the report). Spoiler alert: there is little change to the amount of land planned for future sprawl out to 2051.
Delegations are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED at this meeting. Register by emailing no later than noon on Tuesday, May 16. Be sure and specify whether you'll speak in-person or virtually. 
Can't make a delegation? Please send a letter with your comments to your regional councillors. Download an email distribution list here.
We offered some suggested wording in our previous newsletter (don't forget to personalize the language to make it your own since original letters have more influence on councillors). 
Two excellent submissions have already been published with the meeting agenda. We highly recommend reviewing them for ideas about what you might want to say (also see Letter to the Editor below):
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