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Oops! I just realized the second prompt header in the original wasn't the right one! Here's the correct version!
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May Prompt 2
The second prompt for this month is…
Movement, migration, flow, shift, progress, evolution, action--which of these words speak to you? What images do they evoke? How do they relate to your current experiences? What feelings come up? What do you want to try? I hope our second May prompt piques your curiosity and engages your imagination! Below are some ideas to help get you started as well as a little reminder:
“Growth is an erratic forward movement: two steps forward, one step back.
Remember that and be very gentle with yourself.”
Julia Cameron

What movements will pass through your hands in the following days?
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  • Movement in the human body Observe the human body and the different movements we can make. Consider making an abstract piece or something realistic. Here are some examples.
  • Collaborate with movement on your page Apply paint to something that rolls or moves, tie a pen or paintbrush to string, etc. and let it create marks on your page. Add more to it as you see fit.
  • The tempo and flow of music Pick a song and try to convey it's movement on paper. Use the entire page or split it up into a few sections and fill each one in with music of a different pace. Try: Joe Hisaishi - Ashitaka & San, Florence & the Machines - Bird Song Intro, Yellowcard - Waiting Game
  • Choose an art movement to express Here's a helpful list with short descriptions and an image.
  • The passing of time There's a lot to unpack here! A few questions to get you started: How does it feel to you and did that change throughout different phases of your life? What do you want to slow down/make move faster?
  • What movements do you enjoy? (Running, dancing, yoga, etc.) How can you capture that feeling on your page?
  • Paint drying, the earth spinning on its axis, a candle burning Embrace the things that move slowly
  • Take inspiration from a human rights movement that is near and dear to your heart.
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  • Use this technique to paint slowly or quickly Slow brush movements, quick brush movements
  • Poetic Kinetics creates large scale moving sculptures all over the world! Take a look.
  • Slowly let your page come together: Take the entire 2 weeks to complete your page. Try adding a mark a day to a blank piece of paper (I did this with paint and with paper), drawing a grid and filling in a pattern each day, or breaking down a larger project into smaller chunks, completing a little each day.
  • So many expressive movements in dance! Something fun: OK Go - Here It Goes Again Something controlled & captivating: Emma & Styles (don't forget to turn the sound on for this video!) Something fast: The Lab - Junior Dance Crew
  • The blooming of a flower, a leaf falling from a tree, horses galloping, the fluttering of a butterfly What movements are found in nature and the animal kingdom? (Here is a lovely animation of wind blowing through fields.)
  • Capture your own movements Take video of your creative process and make a reel or TikTok (it doesn't have to be complicated! 10 seconds of painting, a time lapse of you making a collage, short clips here and there taken throughout the process)
  • On the opposite end: Rest, pause, idleness

How will you move across your blank page? I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!
Talk to you soon,
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