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This month I have been thinking of ways I can romanticise my work - whether that’s setting up my workspace to feel more inviting, taking myself out for a coffee date so I can write, or setting up a little outdoor office like I have today in the garden. 
I can feel the sun on my cheeks, the wind brushing against my floral dress, as I work on all my content and admin for the week. 
In all honesty sometimes it feels a little over indulgent, but why shouldn’t we make time to enjoy our work?
All too often I find myself getting stuck in the space of feeling like I need to achieve something in my business and the obsession of making that goal a reality.
And to be honest it kinda sucks!
Because when you get so focused on the outcome, you miss all the goodness that can be found in the doing.
I see the art of romanticising my work as an act of mindfulness, a way I can slow down and appreciate all the small things that make my job wonderful.
Like the fact that I can work from anywhere.
Sometimes I get so focused on getting the job or task at hand done that I forget I could get creative where and how I work. I could so easily switch out my environment, or simply make the day more fun and enjoyable.
Think of something as mundane as answering emails - what if you reframe this task as something enjoyable? What if you saw this task as an opportunity to connect with people who care about the work you do. Could you create a ritual out of this process? 
Personally I love to save my emails till later in the day, and I am very intentional about setting aside this time to connect with the people who have made their way into my inbox. To answer every email as thoughtfully as I can, instead of feeling rushed to get the task done. I also love to make myself a cup of coffee, and will find a comfy spot to sit and reply to my emails.
Suddenly even the most ordinary task becomes magical, a treat to be savoured and enjoyed slowly.
By romanticising your daily tasks you can make them feel different.
You can create an entirely new experience. 
Now that it’s finally starting to feel like summer I have felt a really playful energy arise to the surface. 
It’s helping me see my work in a different light, and I find myself looking for ways to make things more playful and pleasurable.
I want this season to be a time of falling in love with the work I do over and over again.
To remind myself why I wanted to do this work in the first place.
To set the goals aside and enjoy the process.
To be less obsessed with the outcomes and more obsessed with the doing.
Because why bother doing any of this at all if it’s not fun? 
Sending all my love,
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