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This month we saw some staggering stats.

When it comes to workplaces, *79% of people are often too stressed to cope and in the UK alone, the **annual cost of conflict is £28.5 billion.
So, this month, we'll explore making rest a habit, breaking business norms and finding your creative confidence in an event called ‘Stop Looking For Permission To Be Creative’.
And on a much more positive note, we've also found through the findings of The January Challenge 2023 Impact Report that 82% of people who got creative this January agreed it had a positive effect on their wellbeing!
That's a business case to become a Creativity Champion where you are if ever we heard one.
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Links on creativity and culture
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  4. “Can I just…rest?"
  5. For a starting point to kick-start Everyday Creativity where you are, remember the three Rs, relate, respect, reciprocate.
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Get ready for an inspiring conversation between Lauren Currie and Jo Hunter.

Together, they'll delve into the connection between confidence and creativity. Here's the secret: creativity is not just for the chosen few—it's within ALL OF US!

No more holding back! Say goodbye to stifled creativity and hello to a world of possibilities.

Embrace self-expression and connect with your creative confidence by joining us for a LinkedIn Live event 'Stop Looking for Permission to get Creative' on Tuesday 30th May at 9 am (BST).
To be there, click the button above and select ‘Add to calendar’.
The link for the event will be in the invitation and will go live at 9 am Tuesday morning.
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The team at 64 Million Artists
News from our community friends
Family Arts Campaign are delighted to announce our third national Leadership Symposium, ‘Family Arts Leadership Symposium: Collaboration, Connection and Communities’ will take place on Thursday 22 June 2023, 10.30am – 5pm at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) in Birmingham.