I recently came back from Mexico over Mother's Day for a recharge. Before this trip, I felt a bit broken. My body was having unusual aches and pains. I couldn't focus or find motivation. I had a hard time completing anything. Have you ever felt like every aspect of your life was flat-lining? I could be performing life-saving CPR and it feels like folding laundry! I knew that I was overloaded and needed to re-examine where my energy was going. Our culture tells us to hustle and keep adding to our plates, we can sleep when we are dead. Instead, let us find rest in all things; body, mind, and heart. Rest in knowing that all things are possible! Instead of running, try walking in grace. Do Less, by Kate Northrup, provides a concept that has helped me to let go of the exhaustive challenges and worries that do not belong to me. The Virgo in me loves a good to-do list! This to-do list is different than what you might expect, remember our goal is to Do Less. Attached you will find a refreshing opportunity to re-examine where you are in your energy flow. One column has the daily or weekly to-do items that you can prioritize. Column one is where you have actionable influence. Column two is where you will place the worries or situations that are not yours to solve. "Will my dad's health continue to decline? Does my daughter know she is loved? What is the next step in my business? How will I get through _______?" You know those things that keep your brain and gut-churning at night time? Put all of your after-hours to-dos in the second column. My heart and mind know the importance and weight behind these situations and yet there is nothing for me to do. They either don't belong to me or I have no influence over them. My mind and heart want to see that these situations are receiving attention and concern, but worry doesn't solve or provide clarity. Worry intensifies anxiety and zooms in on the challenge. Take a step back and give these to God or the universe. These challenges did not happen overnight and their resolution will not be here by Friday at 5:00 pm. I am grateful for the relief of giving these away control and yet still giving them a home. The past three years I have seen many challenges resolved by simply surrendering to them. Have faith, (in pen) and give them away. You finally have somewhere to put them, and it's not on your shoulders.
Stay Wyld,