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Welcome to the Kyley Leger Marketing monthly newsletter! I'm excited to share marketing tips, talk about what I'm up to, and share a little behind the scenes of my business. Very casual. 
But also, maybe show you how simple it can be to create a monthly communication to your audience. You may be a friend, client, or future client, but I hope to create content that informs and entertains you {not like jokes, but content that keeps your attention}. I hope this newsletter can be some kind of inspiration – in business or your personal life!
Kyley Leger Marketing

Springtime means A LOT of volunteer time for my husband and I both. I'm excited to share that we chaired another very successful charity event for our local Iowa River Hospice organization and American Cancer Society. After a decade focusing on this event, we have streamlined a lot of processes and created a lot of efficiencies. We have gotten so much joy from helping fundraise for two very worthy organizations. 
What I'm Doing:
I live by organization and plans. Without a clear plan, I risk the chance of forgetting something important. I have always used a planner, but during heavy seasons of work I find that I REALLY live by the planner. 
I plan my workouts, house chores, work actions, meetings, and anything else that needs completed. A plan for the day helps me focus and stay on track, meaning I can accomplish my tasks without being distracted by things not on the list.
My “Off” Hours:
Along the lines of being busy and planning comes spring sports. Our three boys are each on two teams this spring. So, we have either been driving to a practice or cheering on a brother at a game. After a long winter, I enjoy all the quality time with the boys! 
What I'm loving:
morning lattes
baseball season
limiting my phone scroll
✨ deep conversations
✨ planning events
reading books
With Gratitude - Kyley

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