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Full Strawberry Moon: 11:42 p.m. EST

Hello, my dear readers. I'm switching things up. First up: a new format! Shout out to Flodesk for helping me upgrade because the design up to now has been a struggle.
Next up: if you've been here a while you know I've been starting each email with a version of “Hello, [name]” (p.s. hello to all my new readers!). A lot of the email marketing “gurus” advise that, but lately it hasn't felt right & ironically feels less personal. I want us all to know how many folks are invested in hearing about women in podcasting (especially with the latest news around lack of funding in that area) & to know that we're a big group! 
As I write this, there are over 1,100 of us. That's a lot of folks investing in “listen to women.” By the end of the year, I want to get to at least 5,000. Awareness around what women are doing & saying in the industry can lead to more $$$ investment. So, if you could take a few minutes to share with three friends or peers who would vibe with what happens here each full moon, I would be forever grateful. 
Other pressing updates to share with you:
I'm starting a list for folks who want to keep up with pod.draland services (which I know is just a portion of this list!). So, if you've ever thought about working with me for your podcast PR or marketing needs, joining the Broads in Progress membership, wanting to know when I book up for clients or Podcasting by the Moon ads, wanting discount codes for digital products, or the like, this will be the list for you. Sign up here
I made another change as of late that also goes against the general advice of business gurus on the internet: I lowered the price of my membership. Want more details as to why? Listen to this. I'm really happy about it and I'm ready to usher in a new era of Broads in Progress. Use the code JUNEMEMBER15 for 15% off your first three months. This promotion runs until June 30, 2023. 
Btw: it's June which means it's Pride Month (yay!), & I'm going to let one of my dear podcast friends take over the rest of this intro. Enjoy & follow their work!
Sounds Gay: This podcast came out (ha!) just in time for Pride month, and I’m in love with it. Remember making your crush a mix-tape? This podcast is that– a love letter to queer people whose lives have been transformed by music.
Rebound Revolution: This podcast is a bit of me tooting-my-own-horn, but also made by a group of LGBTQ+ talent who deserve that sweet *subscribe* from you. Our show, made in collaboration with The Qube, is not-so-basketball basketball podcast that explores revolutionary on and off court happenings in the WNBA hosted by long-time W fan Dr. Money McEachern.
TwoTwos: Refreshing, hilarious, and unapologetic podcast where two Black lesbians sit down to talk about everything from PMDD, to body positivity for masc babes. If you’re not a cis-het-white-dude, you may have written this genre off; welcome back baby!
 👋 Thank you, Steph & editaudio for this great list of suggestions! 

Love, a Supportive Broadie ❤️
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Women in Podcasting News
Foretold follows Paulina Stevens as she navigates the consequences of her decision to leave her insular Romani American family & her destiny to become a fortuneteller. Hosted by LA Times reporter Faith Pinho, Foretold takes you past the neon “psychic” signs & trendy tarot cards to unravel myths & stereotypes about the Romani people for centuries.
The Pleasure Palate, a show about women reclaiming pleasure in the kitchen, launched on June 1st. In this eight part series inspired by host Rebecca Katz's own story growing up with a mom with a serious eating disorder, each episode follows Rebecca as she cooks a meal with a woman who shares her story around food, body image, and more.
In the most recent episode of the Wild Yoga Tribe podcast, host Lily Allen-Duenas travels to Afghanistan to meet Afghanistan’s first female yoga studio owner, Fakhira Momtaz, who risked her life to offer yoga classes to the women in her community.
In time for their second show anniversary, Let's Talk: Marvel Fan Theories is rebranding to Sisters Assembled
Moonbeaming, an indie podcast about transformation, archetypes, and those wanting to bring magic into the mundane, has just celebrate their 100th episode, and 1 million downloads!
In this insightful episode of DINKY, a podcast focused on the DINK (dual income, no kids) life, hosts Erika and Kristen debunk the biggest misconceptions & myths of antinatalism. Do antinatalists hate kids? Think all parents are selfish and inherently bad? Are antinatalists are “pro-death"? Listen in to find out. 
Jamie Loftus, host & creator of Lolita Podcast, My Year in Mensa, Ghost Church, & more, debuted her first book, Raw Dog: The Naked Truth About Hot Dogs
Linda Marigliano, host of Tough Love, debuted Love Language, a compelling, relatable, and powerfully moving memoir of people-pleasing, family, and what it means to love and be loved.
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Meanwhile on the interwebs…
Is Instagram an unnecessary evil?
A distinct tension in the fight for work-life balance. 
I think we need this podcast. Investors, networks, where you at?
Kim Cattrall will be on And Just Like That… but not before I hear her speak here
What are we banishing? 
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🔮 Lack of funding and industry support for women-centric events. 
🔮 A whole lot of talk without action to back it up. 
🔮 Becoming distracted from or apathetic about this

What are you celebrating from this past moon cycle? Let me celebrate with you! 
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