Happy Monday Dear Margaret! 
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I hope you've had a great weekend
rearing to go for a new one!
But out of curiosity…
What's your favorite animal/creature?
What tickles your fancy?
Well today, Margaret, 
I thought I would
introduce you to mine.
before I tell you about this little creature
let me forewarn you that 
when I tell
people about this little creature, 
they find it odd that I love it.
But I do:)!
So feel free to laugh when you hear it:)!
But in the end, you might like it too.
and if you're eating, you might want to 
pause this email, 
and read it after you're finished:)!
Have I piqued your curiosity yet, Margaret?!
let me set the scene for where I was first 
introduced to it.
I was 12 years old, when my parents took
my sister and I, on a safari vacation, 
in Zimbabwe
Of course we were all looking 
forward to seeing 
the large famous animals .
And we did.
We got to watch the animals 
drinking from the water hole 
every evening close to the lodge,
 at sunset.
It was magical!
minus a very angry bull elephant 
that almost charged at our car
during one of the game drives:)!
the moment that changed my life,
on this trip,
came when I went on an early morning
children's game drive.
In the quiet dawn,
our game ranger stopped the range rover
and had all the kids come down.
Then he walked a little ways
and invited us all to crouch down
and look.
There before us were these
perfectly formed balls of dung.
We all wondered where they had come from.
Then he pointed a few inches away to
this little beetle…a dung beetle
as I would learn, 
that was recycling the animal dung
into these perfect round balls and 
taking it away.
It was amazing!
We all stood in awe and watched
this little creature industriously
take this unwanted byproduct
and make it into something useful.
It worked so methodically, so precisely
with such great focus
that we were mesmerized.
I was not yet a Christian
when I witnessed this little beetle.
But in that moment,
I knew, 
when I saw it working so carefully, 
that if God could give this little
creature such meaningful purpose,
there was absolutely no way
anyone on this Earth
was born without a purpose.
And that is why dear, Margaret,
one my favorite creatures on the Earth,
is the dung beetle.
Because it is such a great reminder
that we are ALL created with immense
purpose & value.
It turns out I'm not the only odd one 
who loves these little bugs.
I'm in good company,
TED talk on how incredibly fascinating
what this little thing
has taught me and
 I hope you too,
To carry that undivided focus 
towards our
specific & noble purpose,
to live it out with all of our hearts.
How would we do things differently
if we believed:
“I was born for this”?
I believe
 our commitment,
pride in our work, 
boldness to speak for our work 
our level of excellence, 
would skyrocket if we did.
So, dear Margaret,
knowing that
“You're born for this”,
how would you like to show up 
in your work this week?
Which of your gifts and talents 
would you like use to their fullest potential?
Because like I said a couple of weeks ago,
You are extraordinary Margaret.
You are extraordinary.
This week's video is preparing you
to show up strongly for all your talks, meetings &
Hope feel inspired to take on your week confidently!
New Discoveries
  • Just came back from my friends' daughter's fantastic performance of Shrek.  The whole production & the students were amazing. It was such a good reminder that Voice projection = Confidence.  
  • Our everyday conversations hold immense value & opportunity. I connected with two moms at the performance, who now want to learn more about overcoming their fear of public speaking.
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Ok stunning Margaret!
I'd really love to hear from you!  
Write back please and let me know 
what your favorite animal/creature is.
Looking forward to your email:)!
Have the loveliest of weeks hey!