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In 2019, Singapore embarked on a remarkable mission - the "30 by 30" initiative - with the aim of producing thirty percent of its nutritional requirements locally by the year 2030. Given that Singapore is a densely populated city with over 5 million residents and imports almost 90 percent of its food, this ambitious plan has piqued the curiosity of many. So, the question arises: how is Singapore planning to achieve this feat?
Other stories this month: an urban farm in the heart of Singapore, how architects are contributing to the city's food security, and we visited an innovative indoor farm.  
This month we’ve also come across some amazing stories 
that have inspired us:
  • New LED strategies developed by Purdue University researchers could make vertical farming more productive, less costly
  • Find out here how cities can build resilient food systems through circular pathways
  • Learn how urban planning policies increased ‘food apartheid’ in the U.S. and how they can be used to turn the tide
  • Food forests are bringing shade and sustenance to US cities, one parcel of land at a time
  • The French city of Bordeaux is slowly but surely increasing its food autonomy through its new food policy.
  • Learn more about the huge potential for metropolitan London to utilize leftover spaces near railways by transforming them into ‘foodscapes’.

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