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JULY 2023
Get on Board!
Calling all Bernards Township residents looking to make a difference! In this off-cycle election year – a year in which voter turnout tends to be low - there are real opportunities to pitch in and drive strong support at the November 2023 polls.
The McCarthy & Wong campaign has traveled from one end of Bernards Township to the other: meeting, greeting, and most importantly, listening.  And so has our own BTDC Chair Emeritus, Liz Graner, who’s campaigning for the LD-21 Assembly. Ana, Lily and Liz continue to learn about residents’ concerns and shape the ways in which they aim to engage and connect. In order to support them, it’s critical that the BTDC build a robust bench of volunteers who can ensure local candidates are elected so they can fulfill their campaign pledges and bring diverse and informed leadership to local politics.
Summer is kicking off in earnest, and with fewer commitments and activities pulling many in different directions, this is the time to get involved and volunteer in ways big and small. Now is the time to get in the trenches and lay the groundwork to win critical seats on the Township Committee and State Assembly in November. By helping locally, volunteers will be supporting the entire Democratic ticket.
Please consider doing what you can. The bonus? You'll get to meet a whole bunch of like-minded residents who are committed to improving diversity, openness, and a sense of belonging and connectedness in Bernards Township. For example, think about:
To support our Democratic candidates for State Assembly, please visit:
We are eager to work with you, in any and every way possible, to bring our awesome Democratic candidates into office.
True blue
Zoe Jones
Meet Zoe Jones, the latest winner of the BTDC Civic Scholarship! Zoe, an 18-year-old recent Ridge High School graduate, was awarded the scholarship based on her commitment to democratic values, including diversity, equality, truth, justice, and community service. The award was presented at the Ridge High School awards ceremony on June 5 by Ana Duarte McCarthy, BTDC member and candidate for Bernards Township Committee.
by Laurie Saloman
A Book Ban, For Real
Yes. It's happening here in Bernards Township. The banning of textbooks recommended by district teachers and supervisors serves as a stark reminder – the upcoming Board of Education elections in November are very consequential.
County dispatch
Somerset County Pride
The Somerset County LGBTQ+ Advisory Board celebrated their 3rd Annual Somerset County Pride event on May 11, 2023. It was the largest attendance to date! The event provided resources from local and state agencies for the LBGTQ+ community along with music, games, and entertainment. If you or anyone you know would like to connect with the County's LGBTQ+ Advisory Board, please reach out to them at:
on the docket
July Calendar
  • Check out the July events at the Bernards Township Library
  • July 6, Handwriting Brigade Coffee & Postcards, 10am @Suzanne Glassman's RSVP for address
  • July 11, Township Committee Meeting, 8pm
  • July 12, McCarthy & Wong Listening Tour @ 7pm - RSVP
  • July 20, McCarthy & Wong Listening Tour @ 7pm - RSVP
  • July 24, BOE Meeting, 7pm @ Ridge PAC
  • July 25, Township Committee Meeting, 8pm
  • August 1, National Night Out, 6:30 pm @ The Municipal Complex
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