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Day 1
Upon arrival to Ilulissat, you will be met by your guide to ensure you are fully prepared for your journey to the remote wilderness. As you embark on RIB boat ride, passing through ice forests, the modern world fades away and the beauty of nature takes hold.
Savor a convivial Kaffemik with tantalizing coffee, cakes, and local delicacies, and delve into the fascinating ancient history of Saqqaq, unraveling the mysteries of one of the oldest civilizations in Greenland.
Day 2
Explore Tartunaq's red basalt landscape by hiking up reindeer-made trails or taking a shorter route by zodiac up along the Saqqaq valleys river.  When you reach the end, enjoy the arctic beach, a vast arc of sand between two mountain peaks.
Tonight, tuck into your luxury tipi and experience the great outdoors in style. Featuring Scandinavian-style decor and attention to detail, you can cozy up with Greenlandic reindeer and sheepskins, and enjoy private bathrooms with toilets, showers, and on-demand hot water. 
Day 3
Get ready for the day's adventures with a hearty buffet including fresh bread, pancakes, homemade jams, cheese board, smoked fish and sausages. After, embark on a journey through the history of Qullissat, an abandoned coal mining town. Explore its remnants and the impact of its closure. 
End the day with a spiritual concert at a local church, where the town's residents will serenade you with traditional hymns.
Day 4
Experience authentic Greenlandic culture and adventure! Learn sustainable fishing techniques from a local fisherman and then paddle among icebergs on an exhilarating adventure with the chance to spot whales in the fjord.
After a wilderness-inspired lunch, meet Greenland's ancient dogs. Kept as sled dogs, these large breed of husky-type dogs were brought from Siberia to North America by the Thule people 1,000 years ago.
Day 5
This morning you'll make your way from camp by RIB boat to explore Ilulissat's majestic glaciers. Tonight you will enjoy a comfortable stay at Hotel Icefiord with convenient amenities such as wireless internet, tour assistance, and a restaurant serving delicious meals.
Day 6
Before leaving Ilulissat, embark on the Sermermiut hike to witness the UNESCO Icefiord's beauty. 
Mid-day, you'll take a short flight to Nuuk, the smallest capital city in the world and admire the ice and mountains from above. Upon landing, take an open boat cruise to Kiatta and enjoy the views of the world's oldest mountain ranges along the way.
Day 7
Enjoy the coast of Kiattua by kayak while hunting for fresh mussels and fishing with traditional hand-lines. Then, take a hike in the beautiful Kiattua valley, among ancient giants in the oldest mountain range on the planet. 
End the day by savoring your catch prepared by our private chef and sharing stories around the bonfire.
Day 8
Start your morning with a hike up Uumannaq Summit, taking in the stunning views of the ice fjord and visiting a restored church. 
Indulge in a Traditional Greenlandic BBQ celebrating Inuit cooking traditions, explore Inuit travel methods by kayaking fjords, and end the day with a refreshing dip and swim among icebergs. Immerse yourself in the Arctic's beauty and wonder on this unforgettable adventure.
Day 9
Escape the wild and return to civilization on a thrilling zodiac ride. Marvel at the ancient geological wonders and oldest mountains in the world as you glide through pristine waters. Relax as we arrange your private transfer to the airport for your flight onward.

Travel Theory's take on Greenland
You may not think of Greenland as a foodie destination, but it is! Try delicacies such as snow crab bisque, reindeer carpaccio with beets and horseradish, and white chocolate mousse with Arctic rhubarb.
For a treat, don't miss the locally-sourced Qujaq beer, a unique flavor of alcohol made from melted icebergs.
- Casey
Greenland’s wild terrains welcome majestic views and exhilarating adventure. Kayaking amongst the towering icebergs in Ilulissat is a must! In the summertime you may even catch sights of humpback and minke whales!
Another tip: Don’t forget your sunglasses! Whether it’s summer or winter, the sun is quite strong and reflective on the snow. Plus you’ll always look stylish! 
- Kitte

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