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It was 2016 and I was about to do something very, very stupid. 
And just a year later, I would do something even stupider.
But the worst part is…I wouldn’t learn my lesson from the first two rounds.
Oh no, no, no. 
In 2021, I would make that idiotic mistake again. 
And that idiotic mistake, dear First name / friend, was investing in crypto. 
You see, in 2017, I was a senior in high school working my ass off to save all the money I could before going off to college.
And as a kid who grew up poor, there was nothing I wanted more than to get lucky and strike it rich. Being rich, or even just better off than I was, was a reality worth pining for and drooling over. 
I'd no longer have to have panic attacks whenever my car started making a concerning and a this-will-be-an-expensive-fix kind of sound. I'd be able to buy kombuchas from Whole Foods on the regular. I'd be free to go to college and just be a student rather than a scholarship kid, working a bunch of jobs so that I could afford to pay my tuition and keep up with my friends. 
But mostly, I'd be able to not feel so god damn stressed about money all. the. time. And that sounded like paradise to me. 
I was vulnerable, young, and money-hungry. 
Enter the villian.
Oh, Mr Bitcoin. How he stood tall and proud. With a puffed up chest, a dazzling smile, and a mouth full of lies.
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And just like a fool, I feel right under his spell. 
I put a bunch of money in and I waited to get rich.
(You probably know where this is going, don't you, First name / friend?)
The next thing you know, the crypto market crashed and I spent a year waiting for everything to come back up before selling off everything I bought to make a measly couple hundred dollar profit. 
Which wasn't bad, but it was far from my dreams of sunning on a beautiful deck of a bungalow out in the Maldives. 
And of course, the second I sold everything, the market went crazy again. 
Had I waited just a few more months I would have been able to afford that trip to the Maldives which made me go crazy and invest in crypto AGAIN.
And now that's where my money sits. Most likely lost forever and all because I was a starry-eyed fool. 
To be honest though, I'm not beating myself up over it because looking back, I understand why I got so wrapped up in those fantasies. And luckily, I didn't invest more than I was cool with losing. 
But the matter of the fact is: it has been a colossal waste of money.
(Unless, I suddenly make it rich and then I take back everything I said in this newsletter and will start a business teaching people how to be genius crypto investors just like me.) 
And while our situations are probably a bit different, you might be caught up in some fantasies too. Fantasies about 6-figure launches, booked out services, and making loads of passive income by hiring a copywriter. 
But, fortunately, I'm here to prevent you from making any grave mistakes.
Because while copywriters absolutely can help you get dreamy AF results (like Kirsti Dory, a beloved and funky client whose website launched yesterday and who closed out day 1 with her website having pulled in 3 leads. In ONE day)…
Investing in a copywriter can also be like investing in Bitcoin… 
IFFFFFFF you invest before you're ready. 
So, to make sure you aren't making a Bitcoin-bad decision and forking over your cash to a copywriter, hoping for these big, dreamy results, but ending up with a wasted invested, you'll want to make sure you've got these six things figured out. 
And you can find out exactly what those six things are in this week's blog post.😘

And that's it!
With lots of love (and a little bit of spice ),
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