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June Prompt 1
The first prompt for this month is…
Even though the 21st is the official first day of summer, the start of June marks the unofficial beginnings of the season for me! When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is summer vacation, traveling and trips from a day at the amusement park to visiting a completely new country to setting out on the open road. I thought we could kick off this month by exploring different destinations and see what kind of adventures unfold in our sketchbook!

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads.
Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me”
Rosalia de Castro
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  • Come travel with me! I'm very excited to be a guest host this month over in my good friend Susan's watercolor membership community, Paint With Me! (Which a few of you are members of! :)) In the Traveling Sketchbook Challenge, we'll be “going” to different places around the world and taking our sketchbooks with us! Every Friday--starting today--you'll receive a prompt that includes a destination and inspiration to help you get started. Come join us by signing up for the free challenge here. If you're interested in exploring, learning, and practicing watercolors in an encouraging and inspiring space, learn more about the Paint With Me Membership here. 
  • Atlas Obscura staff members share their favorite places with a focus on the hidden wonders
  • Participate in Postcrossing Find out where you'll be sending a postcard to and create something to mail or use that place as inspiration for your sketchbook (so far I've sent a postcard to Germany and received one from Japan!)
  • Play Earth Roulette (I just did it and got Tampere, Finland, pictured above, second to last image) or pick a place you'd love to go visit. Then take a deep dive on that destination: learn about the culture, food, landmarks, flora and fauna, weather, landscape, etc. Use this inspiration for your page!
  • Make your own map Consider your home town, a place you'd like to visit, or a map of your life or creative journey.
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  • Re-visit a trip you've taken. What memories does it conjure up? What about it would you like to capture on your page?
  • If food is a destination for you (it is for me!), get inspired by urban sketcher Mike Daikubara and grab your sketchbook next time you go for a bite! (He also has 2 books, Sketch Now Think Later and Color First Ink Later if you're interested in learning more on this way of creating!)
  • Consider the vibe of a destination. Is it more formal, structured, and detailed or is it more easy breezy, dreamy, and free? Use the words and feelings you come up with and translate that into an abstract piece.
  • Document your journey. What are your happiest moments? Most pivotal? What milestones would you celebrate? Does your path look like a straight line or is it windy and curvy? What materials will help you tell your story and represent you best?
  • Create a scene as if you were there. What's your perspective? What would you see as you sit in a quaint café drinking coffee in Paris or stepping off a boat in Antarctica onto an iceberg? What about if you were on a safari in South Africa or walking the busy city streets of Tokyo?
  • Home sweet home. Document the space you call home. Take photos and make a collage, focus on the details like the pattern on the wall paper or your favorite rug, sketch your favorite nook, use colors and shapes that convey the feeling of coming home after a long day.
  • Here are a few more ideas on how you can document “destination”

I am really excited to be transported to different places in the upcoming weeks and look forward to seeing where this prompt takes you!
Talk to you soon,
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