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Hello June Tools! The monthly Announcements, Promo Images & Reco Images are always Live on the site by the 1st and 2nd of the month, so you may have already seen those. However, we have also added some fun “Summer Skin Care Sale” Tools for you to use with your customers!! You can find them below!
But FIRST!!!!!! We have an exciting announcement to make!
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Starting this week we will give non-members a chance to SHOP the Drop! If you are not an active Gallery Member, you will be able to purchase that week’s Drop for $15. It will only be available to purchase for ONE WEEK.
We release new tools every Monday. Once the next release Drops on the following Monday, you can no longer purchase the previous Drop content separately. You will have to be a Gallery Member to access it like normal.
ALL of our Drops automatically go into our Gallery, so if you are a Gallery Member you do NOT need to Shop the Drop, because you already have access to the new tools + the other 3,000 downloads in our Gallery.
1. You can purchase everything in this week’s Drop for a one-time $15
2. You can access it in our Gallery with your Gallery Membership of $15/Month
  • June Announcements PDF
  • Summer Skin Care Sale PDF
  • Skin Care for a Year PDF
  • June Announcements JPEG
  • June Promo Images JPEG
  • Summer Skin Care Sale JPEG
  • Skin Care for a Year JPEG
  • Summer Skin Care Sale Posting Images JPEG
  • June Announcements Editable Canva File
  • June Promo Images Editable Canva File
  • May & June Golden Rules Facebook Cover Reco Editable Canva Link
  • May & June Golden Rules Facebook Reco Posting Templates Editable Canva File
  • Summer Skin Care Sale Editable Canva File
  • Skin Care for a Year Editable Canva File
  • Summer Skin Care Sale Posting Images Editable Canva File
A total of 32 Images, 5 PDF pages & 7 Canva Templates!
You will only be able to shop this week's Drop until Monday, June 12th @ Noon CT.
Our Gallery Membership will obviously give you the biggest bang for your buck because you not only get this week’s new content, but you ALSO have access to the 3,000+ other Tools that are already in the Gallery. However, we recognize that some people might just want the option to shop that week’s Drop, so we want to open up that option for them.
All of our GBG designs created in Canva are created so you can use them with a FREE Canva account. If you want to download the designs as is and don’t want to use Canva, you can download the files as a PDF or JPEG instead! 
Click on the images below to be directed to download the file if you are a Gallery Member, OR click the Shop the Drop button above to purchase this week's Drop. 
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This flyer is designed to be used either as a PDF or a JPEG to share with your customers and offer them a Summer Skin Care Sale. It is editable with a free Canva account so that you can adjust the discount to whatever you want!
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Use these images to post in your Client VIP groups, as well as text and email out to your Customers to promote your Skin Care Sale & the Hydrating Mask Bogo! They are editable with a free Canva account!
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Use this Skin Care for a Year Sale Flyer as a PDF or a JPEG to share with your customers. You can use it… 
  • For the Company’s 60% off skincare promo
  • To help you move the current Miracle 3D systems off your shelf and make room for the new Miracle Set this Fall
  • To get your Customers started on the Repair line
The flyer is editable with a free Canva account so that you can adjust the sale price.
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Use this Announcement flyer to promote the Company News with your Unit this month! You can edit it in Canva if you want to add your Unit info to it, or you can just download it as a PDF or JPEG to share. We have our monthly tools ready every month for you by the 2nd of the month. 
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Each month we have our Monthly Promo Image Package that you can use to share the company’s promotions with your Team, Unit or just to have on hand for yourself! Each promo has its own image and you can save all of them as JPEGs straight from our site, or you can use the Canva template and edit. 
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Use our Golden Reco FB Cover Photo in your Unit Facebook Group to recognize your Golden Challenge Achievers! You can update the reco directly in Canva!
You can also edit the Reco Posting Templates with your Consultant’s name and picture in Canva and post them for recognition in your FB group too. 
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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What goals are you wrapping up for the Seminar year?  Answer the Question HERE to get your Entries into our Follow Us Friday Giveaway this week! 

in case you missed it...
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Missed some of our emails lately? You can find all our recent drops here! 

Through the rest of this Seminar year, we will pick a Giveaway WINNER every Friday! The winner will receive a $25 Gift Card to the place of their choice! We will have different options to choose from, such as Target, Amazon and Starbucks, just to name a few. There will be multiple ways that you can earn entries into the Weekly Giveaway. 
  • 1 Entry for every Like on any of our Stories/Posts that week {all of our social platforms count!}
  • 2 Entries for every Comment in our Stories/Posts for that week
  • 4 Entries for every Question you answer in our Stories/Posts that week
  • 10 Entries for answering the Question of the Week, found ONLY in our Monday Drop Email. {Find this week's Question somewhere below}
  • 15 Entries for posting pictures or videos in our FB Group showing how you are using our GBG Tools.
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Don't forget about our Seminar Tools! Available for you here! 

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We  have “rebranded' our Mary Kay Before & After Facebook Group - and it is now called Mary Kay Product Pro Resource Group. We have everything set up for you to use this Group as a resource to find and share Product Testimonial Images and Videos with each other. Just head to the group and look for the the Posts that are pinned to the Featured section at the top of the group. Read the captions to find all the instructions on how to use this group as a Free Resource to grow your business! 

At Glam Boss Graphics you can have instant access to over 3,000+ Graphics for your business with our Gallery Membership. No contracts, so you can cancel your Membership at any time! Our Gallery of downloads continues to grow each week and for $15/Month you get EVERYTHING in our Gallery!! That’s just $3.75 a week friends!! We pour our hearts & guts into creating these tools for you each week, so we think the content above is worth more than a few buckaroos don't you!? In addition to the thousands of downloads that are already in our Gallery for you! So if you haven’t joined our Gallery yet… what are you waiting for!? Go nooooooow. And tell your friends! 
We appreciate you supporting our family and our small business so that we can continue to serve yours!  - XOXO
thank you for YOUR SUPPORT!
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