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SAY WHAT?! That's what I asked when "this" happened. Read to the very end to see the connection to veterans.   
It happened at the CreatiVets golf tournament in May. The day was quite cool and the wind was ferocious! So gusty we thought we would lose the tent we had on Hole 9 where we were giving away Colosseum/OHT apparel and hats. At the very least that tent might break in a hundred pieces!
I had my daughter, my grandson and son-in-law with me. Now, my son-in-law, Andy, is 6'5" and 235 lbs. Big and strong!!! And, he was literally holding the tent down for 3 hours so it wouldn't blow away. It eventually broke anyway despite his best efforts.
As golfers came to our tent to see what we were all about, 99% of them went to Andy for information. He would say "Oh no, not me. Go see her,” - meaning me. Their response in EVERY case was, "Who HER?!" Did I not look like I was the one who was in charge at OHT? Was it my hair? Lol. Did they expect a man would know more than I did? They “assumed.” But I did the very same thing that day. Made some assumptions that weren't true.
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I saw Jelly Roll, a country artist who is "on a roll" in popularity right now, in his golf cart. He was at a distance. I mistook his facial tattoos for bruises. Surely, they couldn't be tattoos, I told myself. But when he came to our hole, there they were – TATTOOS! Now, my grandson, Brennen, loves Jelly Roll and was appalled I didn't know who he was. "Not in a million," I told him. Jelly Roll was so kind and came back to our hole to have his picture taken with Brennen since he missed him the first time by. He was kind and thankful for where he is in his life right now and told me my hair fit right in with his "people”. Oh my....
He's had quite a life and has come out on the other side as an artist, and a good guy. But upon first glance I made the assumption he was as critics have said, too troubled, too overweight and his voice wasn't good enough to make it in music. Never mind that his colorful past must certainly be a factor! Wrong again. If you can believe it, Jelly Roll will be performing right here in NH on August 8th.  And, when Brennen asked me if "we" were going I again said, "Not in a million."  LOL
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Just a story I thought you'd enjoy. The same storyline applies to our veterans who have invisible wounds and are struggling with mental health challenges. (75-80% of our donations are now made to non-profit organizations that address and support better mental health.) Let's give all who are dealing with these challenges the understanding and utmost care and respect they deserve. 
We here at OHT try never to "assume" that their struggles are less than they are. Support OHT by making a purchase or a donation or getting involved by volunteering your time. Together we can make a big difference. Get your friends to sign up for this newsletter too. They won't want to miss an issue!
Until next time...
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Once again, OHT has made more than $1 million 
in donations to more than 50 different 
organizations this fiscal year! 
We could not have achieved this outstanding feat without the support of our fans, licensees and partner institutions. Thank YOU for helping us continue to support the recovery of wounded and recovering service members and veterans! 
As always, there is still more work to be done. Together we can continue helping vets all over the country! Stay tuned for another big accomplishment announcement coming soon!
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OHT Founder and CEO Dot Sheehan will again be appearing on an upcoming episode of the 
Red River Cares podcast! 
This podcast focuses on how people can positively transform their community. The Red River Charitable Foundation was created to build impactful connections with students, veterans and communities in need.
Over the years, they have been valuable partners to Operation Hat Trick, as we have partnered with them on many veteran outreach programs, including programs with the Boston Bruins Charitable Foundation, as well as our partnership with nine Warriors Hockey programs across the US. 
The podcast will be available soon!
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What better way to show your support for OHT than by posting and sending us pics of you (your friends, fans and family too!) in your OHT gear!
Share a pic any time in June, 
and you will be entered to win an OHT hat!
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Get ready and stay ready for summer with OHT!
From outdoor games, furniture, gear and more, you can find it on our OHT Shop page!
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