You're invited
to something truly magical … 
The retreat your soul has been craving.  
Byron Bay Hinterland 25th - 28th August 2023
Hi Beautiful Soul,
I truly hope that you are well! Beyond well, actually - I hope that you see and feel magic every day, that your soul feels nourished, and that you are claiming your unique magnificence. 
This is email is coming to you straight from my heart-to-yours.  
I am excited to share something special with you, something that I have been weaving together for a very long time. It's time to launch and welcome you to Higher Love Retreats. You are warmly welcome to attend this sacred retreat in the Byron Bay, Hinterland from August 25th - 28th. I can't wait to give you a cuddle and welcome you here! 
 I have created Higher Love Retreats for you! This retreat was born from a dream to create deeply transformational, spiritual experiences for those who believe in the power of nature to assist with healing. A time to rest, reflect and rise above overwhelm with renewed joy, inner calm and hope in new beginnings. It's time to have fun again! 
If you're feeling like your Spirit needs a lift, that you're overdue for ‘me time’, and want to deeply connect with your Soul - then this retreat is for you.
More magic
More meaning
More depth
More connection
More ceremony
This is a shamanic, plant spirit retreat crafted with LOVE. If you feel the calling in your heart, if you value the replenishment of nature, sound therapy, beautiful food and deep-diving conversations - then this is for you. If you want to belly laugh, to be fully yourself and loved for all you are - then this is for you!
Higher Love Retreats are for people who are craving time for self-discovery, rejuvenation and inner healing. If you're looking for something different, if you want to laugh more, play more and create a magical life - this is for you! Remember, the first step is being bold and brave enough to say ‘YES’ to yourself. 
It's for the modern women who gives with her whole heart, feels deeply and is ready to do something wildly nurturing for herself. She knows it's time to focus on herself, to create meaningful change in her life, and experience profound healing and transformation.
Her soul is craving a safe and loving experience devoted to her emotional and spiritual nourishment, wellness and genuine connection. A time when she doesn't have to look after anyone else. She's tired and wants to unapologetically nurture her own heart and receive the love that she deserves. It's time for her to choose HER.
If you've been dreaming of taking time for yourself, to reconnect with your own heart and let go of what you've been carrying - then this retreat has been created for you.  
If it's time for you to embrace your worthiness and get crystal clear on what’s most important, then join us for this powerful spiritual retreat where you’ll connect with amazing women, your wisest self and the healing power of Mother Nature.

Byron Bay, Hinterland
25th - 28th August
The Higher Love Experience
During this retreat you will be invited to connect to Bundjalung country, the sacred land of the Arakwal Bumberlin people. This land is deeply healing, a place where the land will speak to you, whisper to you, and tell you stories. This is where you can surrender your burdens, and ask the land to love you. This is connection to country. This is where you will reconnect with your innate wisdom, inner healer and guiding light. (I have much to share with you regarding the healing spirits on this land).
​This is a soul-shifting retreat. With daily nature walks through our own private rainforest, group energy healing, clearing and channelled guidance. Woven within this retreat is gentle somatic release experiences, spiritual elevation and expansion, plant spirit ceremonies, fire ceremonies, 1.5hr sound therapy experience by Sound Healing Australia, and delicious meals prepared by our own private chef. Take a break from worrying about meal prep and find pleasure in receiving Kai-Wairau, a Māori word meaning ‘food made with love’. 
Each glorious day will include powerful energetic transmissions. This is about letting go of what no longer serves you and opening your heart to the treasures within your soul. This is about expansion of consciousness, your intuition, and deepening your relationship with yourself. Helping you to embrace your worthiness, re-wilding your spirit and journeying deep within your psyche to untangle energy that may be holding you back. It's in the inner-work that we find our greatest growth and treasures.
Everything here is optional because this retreat is yours. 
This space is all yours
For the woman who needs time and space away to rest, reflect and reset - this retreat is for you. Comfort and beauty welcomes you in every room with a relaxing vibe to soothe your senses and uplift your soul.

Your retreat centre is located in a sacred valley in the Byron Bay, Hinterland, sitting on energetic ley-lines in a natural amphitheatre - this retreat space will take your breath away.  With the option of a shared deluxe room, or boutique twin share room - you'll feel like you never want to leave.  Your retreat space is beautiful, with ample space, plus cosy corners for intimate connections. This is a place where you will feel free. Rather than feeling crammed in, this space is generous - feeling like a warm hug from your grandmother, she's excited to see you, welcome you, and look after you. 
Your retreat is a private, natural haven set on 35 acres of stunning, undulating grounds. Bordered by 500 acres of old-growth rainforest.

 I feel deeply humbled to share this piece of paradise with you!
Your Sanctuary
This is where you'll be sleeping …
Just relax!
For the Love of Plant Spirits -
Our gentle teachers
If you feel the intuitive pull of plant spirit medicine in your heart, if you feel the craving in your soul to journey into your own inner world - then you are warmly invited to be guided by Master Plants. 
Plant spirits assist in the opening up of energetic channels, expanding consciousness with gentle grace.  These plants affect the subtle-body energy fields, each journey is unique and is best experience without attachment. 
Plant spirit journeys are entirely optional, each one embodying a feminine flow. Plant spirits are gentle, yet powerful teachers. Often guiding weeks and months after ceremony. These teachers, yearn to be your friend. They want to love you and hold you. Your relationship with these plant spirits will be based on reciprocity and kindness. 
Optional plant spirit journeys may include:
Sage, Mapacho, Snake Vine, Rose, Acacia Mimosa, Sacred Cactus, Horoval, Hape (master plant blend) Blue Lotus (mater plant) Red Lily, Wild Lettuce, Sinicuichi, Damiana (master plant), Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Passionflower, Skull Cap, CBD … and many more. 
I am personally brewing and making all teas, tinctures and essences. For master plants, one brew can take over 3 days. Woven within each are prayers, songs, LOVE
If you'd like to know more about the plant teachers that you will be forming a relationship with, please email me and we can organise a time to chat on the phone.
Plant Spirit Medicine
What's Included
- A beautiful space for you to let go, recharge and unwind. Don't worry, I've got you! I see you, and I can't wait to have you here. 
- 4 days on sacred land with ceremonies, women's circles, sound therapy, deep connections and laughter. This is all about being real and raw. Come as you, there is nothing expected of you. You are worthy to receive. 
- 3 nights of rest in our private sanctuary, surrounded by Gaia with deep connection to the earth.  Just rest here. The land here will cocoon you, surrounded by natural beauty, out of the hustle consciousness you'll feel at home straight away. 
- All meals prepared by our own private Chef. Includes light breakfast options, organic produce, and a few Byron Bay delights. All meals are delicious vegetarian options and nutritionist approved. 
- Somatic body movement and breathwork experiences with botanicals to help you to release your nervous system. 
- A loving and experienced, soulful facilitator to hold your space. 
- Ceremonies, rituals, plant journey's, sound healing, nature walks, intuitive downloads from spirit and soulful guidance. 
Sprinkled with a little bit of magic, a whole lot of fun and life-long connections. 
Prepare for magic!
Your Retreat Guide
Natalie Seigne
Thank you for reading these words!
I AM Natalie, creator and leader of Higher Love Retreats. I am an indigenous woman of Aotearoa, a mother, a wife, a shaman, psychic-medium and spiritual teacher. The heart of my work has been helping people to heal, expand their consciousness and develop strong relationships with themselves so that they can create the life that they desire. Over the past 6 years I have held space for over 3,000 people across the globe, providing spiritual guidance, emotional support and loving containers that support the journey of the soul. 
For years I have dreamt of holding retreats in a very authentic and grounded way. My intention is to create a space unlike any other spiritual retreat offering available. A retreat that truly witnesses the modern women, that is down-to-earth, yet incredibly illuminating.  I also know that when women gather, something magical happens. The intimacy, honesty, vulnerability and cherished moments together create the kind of magic that opens hearts and minds, and strengthens the light within.
Higher Love Retreats is a homecoming for women to experience the healing high of sacred self-care, emotional nourishment, deep and genuine connection to themselves and to nature. This is about weaving sacredness into your everyday life.  Higher Love Retreats is for women who Love nature (and know they are nature) and want to connect with master plants to facilitate deeper levels of healing. This is the high your soul has been waiting for and I'm honoured to be on this journey with you.
Women create magic just by showing up in their truth.
Your Investment
This beautiful space is limited to 12 women- so grab your room today! The truth is that this retreat will sell out quickly because of the high frequency that it holds. Because it is one of a kind, and because it offers authentic experiences that will last a lifetime. 
Deluxe Twin Room with ensuite and private deck (2 Queen beds). This is a stunning room with magnificent views.      $2,250
Boutique Twin Share Room (single bed) with ample space to reflect and have time out.                                                           $1,850
Please note this retreat venue has a 22 person capacity. As I am only opening space for 12 gentle souls, you will feel the spaciousness. This is literally the opposite to cramming people in!
This is Love.
And this is Us.
And this is where you're Home.
You are worth
  the investment.
To join us - your $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your place, then you can choose your room by emailing me your preference. 
 100% of your balance is due by: July 30th 2023
Just say -
Imagine looking around the closing evening circle, feeling the love of Gaia holding you with excitement in your heart. You see the beauty and power of yourself reflected in the eyes of your new soul sisters. You feel your connection to the earth, to the energy of the sacred leylines beneath your feet. The sound of nature, the best sound therapy of all - reminds you of your true nature. You can’t remember the last time your body felt so relaxed and open to all of life’s possibilities. 
Connecting in the sacred circle around you, you realise you can finally take a full breath. The stress has melted away, nature is giving you a warm hug, you've finally allowed yourself to be held. 
Your soul has journeyed with Master Plant Spirits. Your intuition has expanded and your relationship to yourself is forever changed. 
You feel the love and support swirling around you and realise that you can always return to this glowing feeling. This magical time has been all you desired and a sense of overwhelming gratitude is brimming in your heart and eyes. 

You reflect on the journey you have co-created - the depth of sharing, the sweetness of your newfound connections and the fullness of having truly replenished your body and soul. You feel a deep knowing in your bones that this experience will help you to create the life of your wildest dreams. Your commitment is fierce, and you trust that this transformational experience is part of you now. 
Love always,


don't take it from me, take it from my clients

"I loved attending Natalie's workshop. She holds such a loving space. I felt so supported and safe in her warm container".
Gemma R
“Natalie is the first person who I feel has ever really seen me. With her guidance, I was able to help myself heal and trust the journey. She is a very special person".
Katie M
“Natalie has helped me to grow in ways that I never knew I could! Her belief in me has helped me to overcome my fears and trust myself".
Sara P