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LOVI Team Dads (left to right) Harindas, Janaka, Chaminda, Asanka, Sampath and Nilantha 
With Father's Day approaching, the interns at LOVI had a candid conversation with the dads on the team, plying them with questions about fatherhood and their favourite moments with the kids. Here’s what we learned.
After a long workday, these fathers all agree on how much they look forward to going home to smiles and playtime. They carry these pockets of memories with them onto the next day. Asanka loves to watch his kids discover new things. Even the tiniest acts can be triumphs like attempting to jump and finally getting both feet off the ground! And Nilantha bursts into laughter when his daughter goes ‘Aiyoooo!' in response to just about anything—she’s so small, it’s comical. Just talking about their kids brings them so much joy.
Fatherhood is not always easy. Unexpected challenges are thrown in the way, and sometimes it can be scary to navigate these. Some of the most frightening moments come at birth, because they are so small and vulnerable, like when Nilantha’s daughter was born premature. For Almo, our newest dad, there was so much fear surrounding his son’s birth that there were no happy moments to report all all. It was that intense. But now his son is happy so he is happy, too. And once the little darlings get older, the worries continue, as Janaka attests, with his concern for his daughter being too attached to her phone.
It would have been a comedic felony on our end if we did not ask them about their most epic ‘dad fails'. Asanka sums it up with one word. Diapers. We didn't ask him to elaborate. You’re welcome. Sampath recalls frequently miscalculating the temperature of his kid's milk bottles, which, let’s just say, did not earn him any points with the wife. All our dads report that it gets better as time goes on. Being a father is a learning journey. Our LOVI dads agreed on one thing. As they discover more about their kids, they also learn more about themselves along the path of parenthood. 
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