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There is so much joy and sadness around most special days as one either celebrates or mourns loved ones, I lost my dad on 13th June a few years back, 3 days before Father’s day so really get the pendulous emotions BUT there are a whole lot of amazing Dads around that deserve a spoil this Father’s Day.
Now when I met Al, he had never been for a massage as he thought it was a thing that girls did, not 6ft 3 steel guys….how wrong he was AND is now a real fan of a good massage too!  
Instead of beer, whisky, chocolates or a pair of crocs 😉 why not spoil Dad with an amazing relaxation experience. Most of us (incl Dad’s) are stressed and could do with the time out to forget their worries and pressure for a bit. I’m never one to promote hidden motives BUT you could send Dad for a spoil or join him – WIN WIN
I received this and thought….YES! It even includes beer…what are you waiting for??
Talloula Garden Spa
Fathers deserve rest and relaxation too – today’s fast paced world is full of stresses and pressures that men are often expected to carry unaffected.  Their wide shoulders carry families, businesses, work pressures, finances and the list goes on, those shoulders need some pampering every now and then. Dads deserve time out and many men love spa treats.
We have some amazing voucher offerings available for Father’s day, we have thrown in some beers to make them feel at home. For those moms who want to score on the Fathers day treats, our treatment for two is the perfect way to spoil yourself while gifting your man some time out too.  BONUS!
Our spa is warm and cosy, every treatment room is fitted with a heater and our spa therapists will offer you a toasty hot water bottle to go along with your pampering.   The winter days in Durban are so beautiful with our stable weather and blue sunny skies, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some time out, take a moment to breathe and savour the quiet.
We would love to have you, book your treatment with Nomsa on 031 777 1586 or email
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Lost in Time…
Moooooom I’m bored” – AAARRGGHH or “there is NOTHING to do because the wifi is down or loadshedding” (mom roll eyes, mutters about Eskom)
Play outside, build a fort, tidy your room, get creative, less screen time!” says Mom….good try! Let me know how THAT works out for you.
School holidays are approaching and keeping kids entertained is a challenge. Imagine my excitement when I was invited to a meeting in a very interesting coffee shop where you can sit and solve puzzles, admire the décor, sit comfy AND bring the kids to the NEWEST, MOST EXCITING offering in Kloof, followed by grabbing a great light meal, coffee, juice or milkshake. I’ve been 3 times!
Lost In Time, based in Kloof Village Mall (above the KFC ) is the new best kept secret!
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An amazing place to visit, owned by Mike and Anava Breytenbach. Anava visited her family in Israel and 3 generations were looking for a fun thing to do. They visited an escape room, away from phones, connected as siblings, had fun, and discovered how they found their roles and worked so well as a team. She was sold and her, together with her very clever electronic engineer husband, Mike, have created a wonderful space with so many dimensions. Wish it was here when my kids were still around. Will still take them on their next visit home as this is cool for young and old.
MAGIC MIRROR MAZE – I was blown away and loved the lighting!
Explore the mind boggling Magic Mirror Maze! A First in South Africa. Discover a world of infinite reflections, surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles.
This is a uniquely designed walk through, accompanied by music and colourful ambient lights designed to startle and confuse you. (I was easily confused LOL)
The fun of this attraction is getting lost inside the labyrinth of mirrors and looking for a way out.
I loved it!
A First in South Africa! There are some places on Earth where the space-time continuum breaks down. Why? We don’t know.
Some say it’s where meteorites have hit the earth.  Some say it’s where large magnetic rocks in the ground are distorting the earth’s gravity.
Some even claim it’s where alien spaceships have landed...
This cabin is one of these places...You might break out in uncontrollable laughter, have difficulty in walking straight, and the ability to see through time.
Can you unlock the cabin and escape in 45 minutes?
Even visiting the bathroom is an experience of note! They pointed me to a cupboard and I was like…whaaaat? It’s like stepping into Narnia!
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For more info see
Please join their Facebook page too as they will be posting all the cool upcoming stuff on there. Join here Lost In Time

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