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The State Department became the latest organization to criticize Roger Waters for perpetuating antisemitism during his European concert tour. The State Department said in a statement Tuesday that Waters’ recent Berlin show “contained imagery that is deeply offensive to Jewish people and minimized the Holocaust,” and said Waters “has a long track record of using antisemitic tropes to denigrate Jewish people.” 
Following the criticism, Waters reportedly removed certain parts of his acts from more recent shows but brought them back for his London concert, where he also attacked British MP Christian Wakeford as a “cripple” and accused him of working for his “masters in the foreign office in Tel Aviv.” Wakeford has criticized Waters and urged Manchester, the city he represents, to cancel an upcoming show.
Waters attempted to defend his actions in an interview with Double Down News, a British left-wing alternative media outlet, but instead continued to spew antisemitic rhetoric and attack Israel. Waters said calling him antisemitic is a “vicious lie” and said the Israeli government is attempting to cancel him because they see him as “an existential threat to their settler colonial racist apartheid regime.” 
Conversation has been divided on social media, with many of Waters’ supporters cheering him and applauding him for speaking up while others continued to criticize Waters and express their anger and disgust with his actions.

Roger Waters
State Department 
Pink Floyd

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  • “Roger Waters,” “Jeremy Corbyn,” “human rights,” “antisemitic tropes,” “#ItWasAScam” - See above.
  • ”World War II” - Related to conversation around Elon Musk responding to a tweet promoting an antisemitic conspiracy theory and to Tucker Carlson’s show on Twitter, in which Carlson described Jewish Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “sweaty and ratlike, a persecutor of Christians.”
  • “Joe Biden” - Related to conversation around a trending tweet from Fox News about former President Trump’s latest indictment which has evoked mentions of “Biden’s Gestapo.”
  • “Fatima Mohammed” - See previous version of “From the Command Center.”
  • “State of Israel,” “War crimes,” “Palestinian children,” “genocidal Israeli apartheid,” “#Palestine,” “#FreePalestine,” “#apartheid,” “#Israel,” “#BDS”- Related to discussion of Israel-Palestine. 
  • “#USSLiberty,” “Israeli forces”- Related to conversation around the 54th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, when it was mistaken for an Egyptian ship during the Six Day War.
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Mentions of swastikas grew online this week, initially after a man who had been displaying a Nazi swastika flag on top of a Chicago building and blaring antisemitic insults was found dead atop the building.
A swastika made of feces was found in a gender-neutral bathroom at a Montpellier, Vermont high school Tuesday. Queer students at the school described the gender-neutral bathroom as “a safe space for queer students” and said the act was “intentional.” 
On Wednesday, an Oklahoma City man said someone had mowed a giant swastika into their lawn.

The New York Times published a story Wednesday highlighting Nazi symbols in Ukraine, sparking debate on the significance of the swastika. 

West Humboldt Park
Ban swastikas

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Fuente Latina Study
Current messaging employed by various Jewish organizations about the rise of antisemitism is largely ineffective among young Hispanics, according to a new study by Fuente Latina, because young Hispanic people do not perceive antisemitism as a major problem in the United States today. The study found that a lack of information about the problem and the absence of personal relationships with Jewish people contributed to the lack of concern about antisemitism.
The major findings of the report include:
  • Antisemitism is not considered a major problem by this demographic, especially when compared to the prejudice faced by other minority groups. Many of the participants did not personally know any Jewish people and stated that Jews are often unidentifiable unless they are wearing religious garments.
  • While the term "antisemitism" is nearly universally recognized, it did not elicit a strong reaction among participants. A combination of the words "Jewish" and "Hate" was found to be more effective in conveying the desired message.
  • Millennial and Gen Z participants are aware of the Holocaust but perceive it as a historical event and assume that antisemitism mostly faded after World War II. Some participants did not see the relevance of the Holocaust when discussing antisemitism today.
  • The study recommends testing a new approach featuring messaging about all forms of hate to create a common cause across communities and ensure antisemitism is part of the conversation rather than in the spotlight.
Funete Latina is a partner with the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism in its Stand Up to Jewish Hate campaign, to educate and raise awareness of antisemitism and all forms of hate and intolerance within the Hispanic community.
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