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ginger flower
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weekly tea: ginger flower dancong
Hello First name / friend!
This week’s tea is a ginger flower dancong—meaning that it’s an oolong from the Phoenix mountains. It does not contain ginger flower—I’m a mostly-tea-purist, meaning I don’t like things adulterating my tea that are designed to mask, rather than enhance, the taste of the tea.
No, this is a tea from a varietal that smells like ginger flower, and the result is a beautifully delicate, almost floral tea.

a busy week with creatures
This has been an incredibly busy week, which is why this newsletter is coming out (a) late and (b) short.
Among other things, this last week contained:
  • Pele's 15th birthday! Happy birthday, Pele! He has been an excellent dog for many, many years, and we are very lucky to have them.
  • Stray cat! She came up to us and started meowing plaintively, while skittishly running away. She wolfed all the food we could give her, and eventually I managed to stick her in a cat carrier and hide her in my office, away from our other creatures. Katya was not happy. It was a pain. We tried to find her people to no avail. Also, it turns out that she is pregnant (sigh) and we don't have the capacity to handle this (on multiple levels), a thing I did not want to admit for a little bit, which definitely made it worse. We have surrendered her to someone who has the capacity to help. We are watching her in the system to make sure that she remains okay.
I can handle exactly 1 extra thing per week, so this week, we get Short Newsletter. Thanks for your patience!

Until next week!
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