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Communication is key to a good patient/doctor relationship!
Asking questions is key to good communication with your doctor. If you don't ask questions, he or she may assume you already know the answer or that you don't want more information. Don't wait for the doctor to raise a specific question or subject; he or she may not know it's important to you. Be proactive. Ask questions when you don't know the meaning of a word or when instructions aren't clear.Sometimes, doctors need to do additional testing such as X-rays, or other procedures to find out what is wrong or to learn more about your medical condition. Before having a medical test, ask your doctor to explain why it is important, what it will show, and what it will cost. Don't always assume that your health insurance will cover the cost. When the results are ready, make sure you understand the results. Make sure you understand your diagnosis. The doctor makes a diagnosis based on the symptoms you are experiencing and the results of the physical exam, and other tests. If you understand your medical condition, you can help make better decisions about treatment. If you know what to expect, it may be easier for you to deal with the condition. Some medical problems never go away completely. They can't be cured, but they can be treated or managed.
Our patients' frequently asked questions…ANSWERED!
by Dr. Conrad Bush
Never feel like you're a nuisance when you ask questions. When a patient asks me a question, it's a way for me to know they're engaged and want to be an active participant in their care. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions I get as a doctor.
How long until I should expect to feel better?
Healing time is difficult to predict. It depends on many factors including the type of injury or pain, severity of the injury, how quickly you sought care after noticing pain, and your personal history, to name just a few. Over the course of your care plan we expect to see improvement in range of motion, joint motion, better body control, and muscle tension. When your body begins to adapt and maintain these changes over time we expect better use of your body and therefore, less pain and dysfunction. Pain can go away before full healing has taken place. Think about how long a broken arm hurts (thankfully not 4-6 weeks) but don't take the cast off early when it stops hurting!
How long should this take to heal?
This can also depend on several factors. To better understand your condition we collect information like “how long have you been dealing with this?, “Have you had similar, or even different issues before?”, and what stage of healing you are in – acute, subacute, or chronic.
When we find out where you are in your journey it allows us to make better treatment recommendations. Healing times can be estimated based on research but the pain we experience with a particular injury is much less predictable. In general, we expect the pain to improve as the tissue is healing but we know the pain is often improved earlier than that. This is why we continue your treatment and assess how your body is functioning and not how it’s feeling. By doing this you can regain function and feel good at the same time!
Will I always need to get adjusted?

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Manage your appointments from the palm of your hand!
If you already use our Online Scheduling App, then you know it's no secret that scheduling an appointment with us anytime of day and from any location is a snap. Now it's even easier!
A new feature that allows you to reschedule your appointments has been added to the Online Scheduling App, putting all the control of your schedule in the palm of your hand.  When you choose an appointment time with us, no matter at our office in person, or through the app, you can now reschedule a new time when conflicts in your busy life occur. 
When checking out after an appointment, be sure to discuss your next visit with our chiropractic assistant at the checkout window so you're able to take advantage of the most options in a doctor's schedule. Then if a conflict arises, you can login to your app and reschedule as needed.
Our Promise
Our goal is to improve your health by reducing pain and illness. In a friendly and welcoming environment, we provide effective conservative care for pain management so you can achieve and maintain optimal health.
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