edition 05
Dear friend,
What a sweet start to summer! We had the best time celebrating the men in our lives and putting on the Fathers and Kids pop-up with House of Hatters. We also got to be part of several beautiful weddings, which is always a highlight and gives us many beautiful florals to play around with (see above in a stunning vase from Buckley Ceramics). Memory moments are what we love. Speaking of which…
milestone moments
We had the honor of putting on a very special 70th birthday celebration at Hacienda del Sol.
Nothing brings us more joy than being part of the memories in your lives.
In a culture of equality, there is a shortage in the value of Fatherhood. I say this because I was a participant. We celebrate the Father that rises up, and chooses life with his children.  Especially, the ones that have taken on other littles to raise. Having a village is real. It was my uncle, mentors, stepdad and other leaders that were my example of fatherhood. Fatherlessness is so relevant and well understood in my world.  Statistics are strong and the odds feel heavy. However, the choice to shift our mindset is real, even if it's an unknown world. My poor husband got the brunt of this pain but, choosing life with him everyday is healing on so many levels. Raising these
three beautiful boys together is a lot of testosterone for one household, and it comes in waves. All this can be taxing, but every ounce is life giving as we choose to see the gift of one another. As a parent, I understand now how our capacities are limited and forgiveness was essential to birth freedom. If today doesn't bring you joy, I challenge you to start with a part you can face so your future will find its way to be free. Our stories evolve as we do, and maybe it can be yours that's rewritten. Celebrating change and all that it brings, even if it's in your late thirties!
Cheers to courage, friends.
Shifting with you,
a tiny universe of inspiration…
In the realm of inspiration, we often look to the grand vistas of the world—the sun dipping behind the mountains, closing the curtain on the bronze landscape of the Sonoran desert, or the melody of the birds giving way to the hum of the cicadas.
But as a home chef, I find my inspiration among the whispers of the herb garden, nestled in the jars of spice lining the shelves of my kitchen. The dance of each spice simmering in the pan ignites not only the taste buds, but also the heart. A tiny universe of inspiration, unlocked with each pop of the jar’s lid.
As you prepare for your summer feasts, consider a few things when adding zest and flavor to your creations. First, remember that less is more. Let each spice shine without overwhelming the underlying flavor of your canvas - whether that be meat or vegetables
Second, do not be afraid of the unknown - experiment with unexpected combinations. Try a novel recipe each week, add a new twist to your go-to favorites, and tantalize your palate with something new.
Finally, remember to find balance in your cooking. As the flavors teeter between sweet, spicy, bitter, and savory, ensure they flow harmoniously. As in life, your summer cooking should strive for harmony among its elements.
-Brittney, creator of Big Batch Energy
Until next month,