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Hola First name / quilty friend,
Welcome to Week 2 of the Rosalia QAL! I hope you enjoyed  picking and cutting out your fabrics last week. Here's what we're tackling this week:
  • Instructions and a few tips for Week 2
  • Week 1 giveaway winners
  • Information about prizes for this week
  • A discount in longarming of your finished Rosalia Tops!
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Week 2
Let's Sew Some Blocks
Week 2 of our quilt-along is here, and we're finally getting to the fun part: sewing!
For the quilt, you will be making a total of 16 blocks. Each week for the next four weeks, we will be making four blocks. If you decide to expand your quilt by adding extra blocks, you can decide how many blocks you would like to complete each week. 
Once you have created your blocks, take a few photos and share them on your Instagram feed using the hashtags #RosaliaQAL and #RosaliaQALweek2.
First things first: a small correction.

Pattern Correction

There's an error on the instructions on the Rosalia Pattern. On page 4, under the How To Make a Block Section, the last numbers on the list should read (4) 4 ½” x 4 ½” squares (B). 
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This error has been corrected on the pattern, and a new version is now available on the website. Thanks to all of you who have pointed this out. I really appreciate your feedback!

The Blocks

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Let's begin! Each Rosalia Quilt Block requires (8) half-square triangles (HSTs), and (8) quarter-square triangles (QSTs). That's it!
You will be making four 4-at-a-time HSTs twice for each block. This method creates HSTs on the bias, so it is important to starch your fabrics before you begin. Handle your HSTs with care to avoid distorting or stretching the fabric.
Here are my favorite tools for cutting and trimming HSTs and QSTs: 
  1. Use your regular ruler and washi tape. Line up the edge of your triangle with the 45 degree line. Use the tape to mark the lines where your block should be.
  2. The Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers by new Leaf Stitches. This is my go-to tool for quick and accurate trimming.

How to trim HSTs

 After pressing your seams, lay your HST right-side-up on your cutting mat.
  • Use the 45-degree line on your ruler to make sure that the diagonal seam is 45 degrees.
  • Find your desired measurement, in this case the 4” marking. Trim the right-hand side and top along the edges of your ruler.
  • Rotate the HST so the newly cut edges are on the left side and bottom of your ruler.
  • Once again, line up the 45-degree line on your ruler or cutting mat with the diagonal seam. Trim the right side and top.

How to trim QSTs

After pressing your seams, lay your QST right-side-up on your cutting mat.
  • Place your block so the triangle with the background fabric is on the right side of the square.
  • Line up the 45-degree angle on your ruler with the top-right corner of the block.
  • Place your ruler so the bottom-right corner of the block is at the 4” mark. Be sure that the seam intersection is exactly in the center, 2” in from each side.
  • Trim the excess fabric on right-hand side and top along the edges of your ruler.
  • Rotate the QST so the newly cut edges are on the other left side and bottom of your ruler.
  • As before, line up your ruler’s 45-degree angle with the top-right corner of the QST. The bottom-right corner of the QST should be at the 4” mark.
One more quick tip: when assembling your block, make sure the triangles with the background fabric are placed at the edge of the block. 

#RosaliaQAL Week 1 Winners

The winners of the Week 1 prizes are: 
@sarazachman - $50 gift card to @Prettylittlethings
@crafter_joy -  a Modern Makes Box by @Alderwood Studio
Congratulations! If this is you, check your Instagram DMs to claim your prize.

Week 2 - Sponsors and Prizes

There will be two lucky winners this week! 
One winner will win:
The second winner (this prize is open to everyone - yes, even international!) will win:
A huge thank you to our sponsors this week!
Winners will be chosen randomly every week using the hashtags of the week on Instagram. 
How to enter the giveaways this week:
  1. Follow @fullmoonfabricco and @lynsavenue on Instagram.
  2. Share a photo of your fabric pull and/or fabric cutting by next Tuesday, June 27th by 9p EST. 
  3. Use the hashtags #RosaliaQAL and #Rosaliaqalweek2.
Note: Instagram recently changed how you can view hashtag content, which is why I am adding in a specific hashtags to use each week.
Please note that you must have a public Instagram account to be eligible for the weekly prizes. I can't see your posts if your account is private.

One More Thing

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You can get your finished Rosalia Quilt top longarmed by @sweetpeadesigncompany for 30% off! All you have to do is:
  • Complete the QAL, and when you’re finished, mail your quilt (and backing if you have it) to Amanda at Sweet Pea Design Co.
  • The form is on her website and must be included with your quilt. Quilts must be received by August 26, 2023 to be eligible for the discount.
  • Please include your Instagram handle on your form so we can share the beautiful results of your quilt!
I can't wait to see your blocks this week! 
See you next week,

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