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SPotlight on Two outstanding Seniors
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Matthew Chaves
A couple of my favorite memories were my first Capitol Clash, the prize table at the priority on youth tournaments, fencing in my backyard during the pandemic, and helping out at DA summer camps. Something I am looking forward to after graduation is spending the summer relaxing with friends and preparing to be a college athlete. I am looking forward to going to Brandeis but am undecided about my major.
"Being a witness and fostering Phoebe's and Matthew's development into outstanding people and fencers has been a tremendous honor." - Coach Jen
“It has been a joy to watch Phoebe and Matthew grow up in our community and develop into outstanding humans and leaders.” - Coach Jeff
Phoebe Todd
I remember thinking how awesome it was that I could be in a place and have a community where I could do that, just be a complete nerd about fencing and talk about the details in-depth and have other people actually respond and be just as excited. I remember finding my people at the old space, and realizing that they existed and were always going to be my type of people. My favorite memories are the ones where I remember thinking, “Yeah, this is home." In the fall, I’ll be attending UNC Chapel Hill and I’m planning on majoring in neuroscience and minoring in music.
Summer Camp Scholarships
1st Annual Teen Leadership Awards
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more Summer ACtivities 
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Cadel Henry was the Priority On Youth Seasonal point winner for 2022-2023! Congratulations! 
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