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But our cat is an indoor cat!
We get this statement a lot, and we really do understand. It is important to give protection for YOUR cat’s individual needs. But how do you know if those needs are being met? Let’s explain what vaccinations your furry feline can have so you have all the information.  
Feline Vaccinations
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There are three main vaccinations we give your purring partner. You may hear us refer to them as FVRCP, Leukemia (or leucat), and Rabies.
What does that really mean? 
To break the first one down it stands for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR), Calicivirus (C), Panleukopenia (P). With the 0.5ml injection your animal is protected against all of them.  
Viral Rhinotracheitis: A common respiratory infection of cats which can be FATAL to kittens. Sneezing, deceased appetite and fever, followed by a thick discharge from the eyes and nose, are often observed. 
Calicivirus: An upper respiratory infection of cats with signs similar to FVR. In addition, ulcers may be seen on the tongue and in the mouth. 
Panleukopenia: a widespread and potentially fatal disease which may cause a sudden onset of severe vomiting and diarrhea. It is especially dangerous in kittens, but fatalities can occur in adult cats.  
Viral Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus account for up to 90% of all respiratory infections in cats. (In bold as its own heading).  Once cats become infected it becomes difficult if not impossible to get them fully healthy again. 
Leukemia: More for the outdoor cat or a multi-cat household as it is passed from cat to cat by direct contact. This can cause serious disease and death in cats. The virus decreases the ability of the immune system to respond to infection and may lead to the development of different types of cancer. It is not contagious to humans. Indoor cats are at high risk if they get outside as they quickly get into fights with cats defending their territory. 
A FATAL viral infection of the central nervous system that can affect all mammals, including humans
This virus if transmitted through the bite of saliva of an infected animal. Bats are one of the biggest carriers, although we never wish for them to enter our house it does happen, making all felines – indoor and outdoor at risk of exposure. 
Last year there were confirmed positive bats in Simcoe County and this is one of the many reasons the Rabies vaccination is required by law. 
Now you have all the facts about how you are able to protect your beautiful cat against these serious and often deadly diseases. 
Pricing can also be another concern.  Abernant Veterinary Hospital has an all-inclusive pricing for annual exams with vaccinations. You meet with a veterinarian for 30 minutes to discuss all things ranging from tip of ears to tail, diet, lifestyle, or behavior concerns, a full medical examination and get all the vaccines your pet needs.  Talk about a deal.
We also offer an All Care Program.  This provides a fixed charge every 2 months to include your cat’s needs: vaccinations, blood work, unlimited nail trims and more. 
Call us at 705-428-3287, let’s take the worry out and protect our beloved pets like they deserve.  
Dr. Tai DeLuna
Dr. Tai DeLuna
Abernant Veterinary Hospital