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Entering a New World
A while back I wrote a couple of articles about the Ascension, explaining about what it is and how to navigate the crazy Ascension energies. But do you understand with the Ascension comes a new world? Many people are having difficulty navigating the changes in our world today and many are becoming reactive to the changes.
Here is the thing, most people believe our world is two sided. We believe that our world is black and white, but it isn't. There is nothing black and white about our world. Our world is multi-dimensional, and we are multi-dimensional beings. Why? because we have a soul. Our souls do not just stay in our bodies all the time, it travels to many different dimensions.
There are a lot of issues going on today from gay rights, transgender rights, women's rights, non-white rights. One person said to me I don't understand why transgenders are forcing their lifestyle down our throats. My response is they are not forcing their lifestyle on anyone, they are trying to survive the brutality they are having to deal with by people who want to dictate how they should live. They are fighting for something that should not have to be fought for the FREEDOM TO BE! Neither should any group of people. Unfortunately, so many groups are having to do just that fight to live, love, and be happy which is a God given right.
Also, one of the big changes in today's world is the understanding that there ARE more than two genders. We were led to believe that there are only two genders, however there is a thing call gender fluid. Many cultures believe that these people are born with two souls and the dominant soul is who they are regardless of the physical body they were born with. Other cultures respect these people and even believe them to be spiritual guides and teachers.
So, what is really happening? Well Ascension is activating DNA that has been dormant in us for centuries. We are awakening to our truth and some people are realizing more and more they are stuck in the wrong body. Also, people are now accepting the truth that love is unconditional and not everyone falls in love with a person's physical body, but rather their soul. 
I noticed that there are some religious groups who are frightened by the changes happening and coming and because of their fear of change they are condemning what is happening regarding change in genders and homosexual love. They are spreading fear against people like me who possess the gift of intuition. This is a time when we are waking up and realizing that everything we have known to be “normal” like two genders, has been an illusion that we believed in for far too long. 
I see what's going on in the world and I find most of it to be beautiful from people discovering their true forms and true love to people becoming awoke to their own truths and finding the courage to say YES! this is me!! And I support all people who embrace their authentic selves.
How are you coping with the new world? Does it scare you or confuse you? Are you open to what is coming? Are you open to releasing your fear, anger, and hate and embracing unconditional love? 
My perspective is I may not fully understand everything, like transgender for I do not have that struggle. However, I do not need to understand it or them, but I DO need to accept them and accept they have the right to be who they are and to be happy. 
They are part of our new world and with it brings new language and identities. The new world will bring more alternative healing modalities and compassion as we learn that Western medicine is extremely limiting. We are entering a world where we will all heal from traumas and physical pain. It is time that we stop the division amongst human beings and see everyone as the same! We all belong to the human race, and we all deserve the same rights and happiness as everyone else. 
Are you willing to put your fears and judgments aside? Are you willing to embrace this new world and energies? Are you willing to be the one who will make a difference? I am! Are you?
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer/Psychic and Spiritual Medium

For personal reasons I have decided to postpone the 
Sacred Geometry Workshop until 2024.

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Upcoming Drumming Circle
The next drumming circle will be July 2, 2023. 
Hope to see you then.
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